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A New Reason to go to the Gym

24 03 2014

Exactly which muscle do I have to work out to be able to do this? Now, I’ve seen guys have semi-erections to full hardons in the gym, but I believe this is the first time I’ve encountered someone be able to shoot a load from simple pullups.

If I could master doing this, I might actually put those two gym memberships I have to some good use. Oh, and actually workout as well.


You know what, If someone could accomplish this, I bet it would be this guy [click here for video] (Ulissis Jr.). His dick gets a workout anytime he moves!

Straight Guys Are So…Gay #8 – Lost Bet

24 03 2014

In the latest installment of “Straight Guys are so Gay” here you have a group of guys engaging in a little homoerotic fun (actually, just homo). Someone will have to help me translate, but I assume the suckER lost a bet and now has to blow his friend?

I love how he has has his hand and mouth around a rock hard dick and still wants to pretend he’s giving a blowjob. I say, he just mimics this guy. Put your buddies dick in your mouth and act like it’s no big deal!

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 1.38.26 AM

Update: Yeah, at closer look it’s a dildo, but still damn gay though lol.

No Dildo? Improvise.

18 03 2014

Please no one tell this guy about actual dildos – ever! This video would have still been pretty hot if he had used a real dildo, but it’s even hotter because of the random items he uses instead. I wonder what else we’ve missed off camera? Candle, wine bottle?

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 3.43.02 PM

Pro Masturbator?

16 03 2014

For some reason when I first came across this clip I couldn’t help but think that this guy masturbates like a pro!

Keep in mind I have no clue what a professional masturbator would look like (maybe this?!), but from the spot on spit shot to his dick in the beginning to that incredibly hot and thick cum shot at the end, he would be a good example.

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 9.44.05 PM

The Men of Straight Porn #2

16 03 2014

Please, Titan Men, Lucas Entrainment, anyone(!) recruit this guy immediately! He must know he could make “loads” more in gay porn :)

Now, I only post straight porn on the blog if I think there is truly a good reason because I know how some of you get ;) The guy in this one is more than a good enough reason. For those that hate it when I (infrequently) post straight porn, just focus on that body, dick, or the way he fks. It’ll get you through it lol.

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 9.08.02 PM

His Very Last Meal?

14 03 2014

There are a couple reasons why I especially like this video. (1) The angle and (2) the fact that he’s sucking this guys dick like it’s his last meal! Bravo to him! :)

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 1.23.20 PM

Finally. Circa 1990?

14 03 2014

There are always those clips that I see everywhere online for a long time but continue to disregard and not watch for whatever reason. This was one of those clips – until last night.

I’m not sure what about it made me disinterested at first but I can tell show you why after so long I’m posting it after only needing to watch it once. It begins at 1:03. Even when it’s a grainy. A nice as is a nice ass.

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 1.09.43 PM

The Gulp #2

12 03 2014

There is just something about the sound of a blow job that I find really hot. This preview from “Sean Cody” makes a good example of that. I could literally get off to the first 60 seconds of it (on repeat of course lol). Btw, it’s only 1 minute anyway, but it’s worth every second.

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 4.47.47 PM

Happy Hump Day 3/12

12 03 2014

Most of the time for these midweek “hump day” posts I’d upload a video or gallery of men with incredible asses. However, this time there is no need to do that. ...thanks to these 3 little images. That’s all this post needs.





Young, Hairy, Scruffy

9 03 2014

123tumblr_mysunjkiN91rc5lyjo5_250 You know what? Contrary to what a lot of professional porn studios may have you believe (and admittedly this blog too! *sad face*) men do still grow hair on their bodies. So, here’s a collection of some of my favorite pics of guys keeping it natural. Plus, a pretty hot video (below) to go along with it.

The video is 15 minutes long, so if you don’t feel like watching this sexy guy make love to the camera for the long, just skip around to the best parts :)

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 5.01.12 PM

Reminds Me of Home

9 03 2014

When I first came (I mean that literally) across this video it immediately reminded me of when I go back home to visit family. Why? Because I’m from a really small town with the worst internet connection (dial-up would be an improvement). So bad that watching porn on my phone is a better alternative. On top of that since the walls are thin I can’t play the porn out loud PLUS have have to muffle my moans.

Ugh! The things a horny gay guy has to do to get off! :(

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 6.26.54 PM

New Fan: Lucas Kazan

6 03 2014

I’ve of course have heard of the professional gay porn site ‘Lucas Kazan‘ for a while, but I’ve never had the opportunity to join it – until now. I have to admit, the scene below caught my attention and had me hooked. Especially that facial. You can check out more at Lucas Kazan.



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