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26 01 2008
ruben (03:05:25) :

Hi I’m the webmaster from and I would like to know if we can exchange banners or links, I’ll be waiting for your answer. Thanks!

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Anonymous Reply:


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2 03 2008
ManFill (21:56:39) :

I just came across your website, Great site! I was wondering if you
would like to do a link exchange or a banner exchange with me, my
websites are and

I recieve about 60,000 visiter total a month for all my websites. if
you want to do a baneer exchange, sent me a banner 180×100 and I will
place it on all my blogs.

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23 05 2008
Adam (01:52:15) :

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours…wanna cross link? (My site is admittedly amateurish compared to yours).

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Anonymous Reply:


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12 06 2008
Kevyn (13:35:18) :

Ill trade you links bud!

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31 07 2008
mascdudewriter (07:56:27) :

Very hot blog, dude. I added you to my links, add me to yours.


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3 09 2008
Murphy Hanhoester (04:26:36) :

Hi webmaster!
Would love to exchange link with THE BANANA BLOG, your web-site is gorgeous!! Your link is already on my site @ Mhanhoester video
Best regards,
Murphy Hanhoester.

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22 02 2009
yury (09:10:22) :

I’ve added a link to your site. Please consider linking back. Thank you!

All other webmasters – please do not hesitate to link exchange!

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19 03 2009
Yury (15:30:39) :

Please consider linking back. All webmasters – welcome to swap your links!

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26 07 2009
Joshua57 (11:06:37) :

Enjoyed another great session on the Banana Blog. Good job, especially like the Military action. All good though. thanks!

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26 11 2009
GejTuba (05:29:38) :

I love ur taste in choosing vids! I’m also running a blog with videos, except that only amateurs, and in the Polish language (visit).

Keep up the good work!

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27 12 2009
Matt Davies (09:26:57) :

Please add my blog about hot sexy hung men. I have added one of you weblinks to my site.
Keep up the great work!

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13 02 2010
thatboyismine (13:13:33) :

banner trade?

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21 02 2010
bilikeme (11:57:44) :

link exchange?

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22 02 2010
bilikeme (08:54:16) :

I added your banner..
please link my site.

let me know and thanks!

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21 03 2010
raphael (15:02:59) :

I have added you guys to our site!
Please add our Travel Guide to your blogroll?


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3 04 2010
Anonymous (08:21:26) :
17 06 2010
A rich (08:50:22) :

l very like banana like he dick like fuck

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24 01 2011
Romeofan (12:51:40) :

Nice blog:-) I added you to my mainpage, add me to yours, please :-)

Best regards,

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30 03 2012
Mark B (07:23:52) :

Maid me horny!

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17 04 2012
J5 (04:01:17) :

I’d LOVE to feature your website on my site. I used to be on Blogger and Tumblr, but have moved on to my own actual website where I am free to post what I want.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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29 09 2012
Mike Nelson (13:33:57) :

Hey guys,

Just starting up my own production site. Trying to get some advertising and new traffic, but I also want your comments and suggestions. I am a new producer, but I have modeled for a couple companies before. I am open to shooting any video you think will help me!!!!!!


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9 02 2013
Anonymous (04:22:17) :


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15 03 2013
Chip F (15:29:32) :

Hello there,
I was wondering if you would be interested in exchanging links. I have a blog, not a website. Not sure if that is a problem or not. Can you please respond when you have time. Thank You.
Chip F

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Anonymous Reply:

Sorry I thought this was your direct contact, now it’s posted as a comment. I apologize. Chip F

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29 04 2013
Gay Guy Cams (17:04:29) :

Nice site and I’ll give you a link from one of mine.


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3 02 2014
Caine (17:38:26) :

what is your RSS feed – Blogtrottr says the site doesn’t have a feed.

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AL - The Banana Blog Blogger Reply:

Let me look into that. It has a feeder at the bottom. Follow up shortly.

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Anonymous Reply:

@AL – The Banana Blog Blogger,

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