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Two Buddies Push the Boundaries. One Move at a Time.

20 12 2013

I have to admit, at times amateur porn not only makes me horny but the human nature side of it fascinates me. I find myself wondering what lead up to the moment and what happened after. This clip is a perfect example of that.

Let me set the scene for you:
What you have here are two buddies beating off to porn together. From that you can clearly see the sexual tension growing between the two of them. It starts with the guy on the left taking a quick (actually longing) look at his friends dick and face. The friend notices, and asks “what?”.

Then the guy on the left pulls the typical, “I’m giving you an opening to make a move” move and puts his arm behind his head to reveal more of his body. Now notice the guy on the right get up to grab a cigarette, but nonchalantly inches a little closer to his buddy as he sits back down. The guy on the left takes that as his opening and moves in closer as well so there legs are touching just slightly…

I’ll leave the rest up to you to watch and interpret…

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 12.28.47 AM

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    17 responses to “Two Buddies Push the Boundaries. One Move at a Time.”

    20 12 2013
    diken (03:17:22) :

    any idea the source of this video?

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    20 12 2013
    Richard (05:12:42) :

    Anyone notice that the guy on the left has a wedding band on?

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    20 12 2013
    SilverRRCloud (05:27:06) :

    These two dudes are not doing this for the first time. They seem to be pretty comfortable with each other. I doubt that they will be going anywhere further than this for the wide public.

    What happens when they turn the cam off is a different story altogether:)


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    20 12 2013
    Anonymous (12:19:11) :

    I’ve never smoked while jerking off, with myself or anyone else – is that normal?

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    20 12 2013
    Anonymous (14:51:59) :

    Elton John once sang…

    “That’s what friends are for…”

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    AL - The Banana Blog Blogger Reply:

    Also very fitting :)

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    Anonymous Reply:

    @AL – The Banana Blog Blogger,

    “in good times…in HARD times…I’ll be by YOUR SIDE forevermore…”

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    20 12 2013
    pubert (15:28:00) :

    They could have put that potato they filmed this with on a stable surface. I feel seasick after watching.

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    RW Reply:

    @pubert, This made me howl.

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    Michael Reply:

    @pubert, BRAVO!!! That’s the best laugh I’ve had all day. Thank you.

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    20 12 2013
    dons888 (23:19:46) :

    the video disappeared!

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    22 12 2013
    NiceTool (09:47:06) :

    Al i always love your commentary, your musing aloud your observations, i think you would be so fun to hang out with and people watch somewhere… :)

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    22 12 2013
    AJay (22:26:00) :

    So hot! You see their sexual tension caused an earthquake, near the end…haha I so want to know what happens when the camera’s turned off!

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    29 12 2013
    RexHuskey (06:02:15) :

    not much into dudes with knee socks…. and how smokes in the house anymore?

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    RexHuskey Reply:

    ***who smokes in the house…

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    AJay Reply:

    @RexHuskey, Knee socks are the best!

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    17 03 2014
    nickE (16:55:57) :

    rubbin one out with a bro when your 13 is one thing, but these guys are a little too old to be jerking off with each other. I’m sure there was some oral action that we didn’t get to see. The guy on the left wanted to suck him off big time and the guy on the right wanted it REAL bad. Nice cocks and balls though, too bad no cum shot…:(

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