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Big and Thick In The Shower

16 12 2013

I don’t post a ton of single jerkoff clips on the blog unless I find something unique or simply have a gut feeling that I should put it up. Moreover, this is a shower vid, and porn that takes place in a shower (or pool) usually do nothing for me! However, this video is definitely an exception to that rule! I don’t even need to explain why I decided to put it up. Just watch it, and assuming you’re into this type of guy, I think you’ll love it.

By the way, if he jerks off that vigorously in the shower, imagine the pounding he could give in bed!

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 6.49.23 PM

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    9 responses to “Big and Thick In The Shower”

    16 12 2013
    me (12:16:06) :

    okay, video not there.

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    17 12 2013
    RexHuskey (06:09:40) :

    def hot but you see dudes like this everywhere on the net.

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    Eddie Reply:

    @RexHuskey, AMEN! Nice, but bland

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    18 12 2013
    bornwithahorn (01:02:15) :

    wow do you have the whole vid?

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    18 12 2013
    Jamie (09:22:32) :

    Fuck… I want to be on the end of that dick as he slams me balls deep…

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    18 12 2013
    Jemblue (10:06:35) :

    He is amazing. Beautiful cock. Wish I was up against that wall taking it. DAMN!

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    18 12 2013
    TimD (17:30:48) :
    19 12 2013
    DC20009 (18:59:11) :

    Hot hot hot!
    I want him to power fuck me AND to smother me with those muscle pecs

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    22 12 2013
    AJay (21:11:31) :

    Room for 1 more?

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