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The Dentist

12 12 2013

Update Video Re-Upload: This video disappeared from XTube a while ago. But you guys know, nothing ever truly disappears from the internet! Thanks to the visitor for finding it again.

Whenever I go to the dentist all I ever get is a bill – I’d very much so prefer what the guy gets in this hot clip! At first you might think what’s odd about it is someone getting blown in the dentist chair, then the camera shifts and you see who else (the dentist) is joining in on the fun!

This one doesn’t contain a cumshot, however, the situation itself is hot enough that it doesn’t need one! Enjoy :)

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    25 responses to “The Dentist”

    29 08 2012
    PezoPezo (04:12:02) :

    UNGG! Now that’s proper oral hygiene!!! Great post!

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    Anonymous Reply:

    @PezoPezo, Yes and he won’t have to floss after that

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    29 08 2012
    MN (14:36:02) :

    One of my best friends is going to dental school. Definitely gonna be a familiar face at his office now that I’ve seen this.

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    29 08 2012
    Marc (14:43:31) :
    29 08 2012
    jemblue (20:24:30) :

    Eww really? That dentist doesn’t need to be working on that cock. He really needs to be working on those crooked ass teeth. HAaaa, so unsanitary.

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    Phillp Reply:

    @jemblue, LOL, I was going to say the same thing. I hope after the blowjob he actually got his teeth fixed

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    29 08 2012
    TG (21:12:02) :

    I get the feeling this is a third world dentist office….lol.

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    30 08 2012
    donek (02:04:30) :

    Cute puppy!

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    4 09 2012
    Chris (05:48:18) :

    The first dentist was HOT! Second one… no way.

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    4 09 2012
    Ebb (23:38:36) :

    It makes sense tho.

    At the dentist they have that numbing cream right…they use that and can deep throat better….that first guy was so hot..those sounds and seeing him get face jammed got me off.

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    10 09 2012
    im4u165 (11:13:45) :

    I wonder what his xtube user name is…

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    16 09 2012
    FaenRis (20:46:03) :

    Forget the dentist… i want to be sucking that sexy Latino’s dick!

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    22 09 2012
    jerkme2005 (07:58:47) :

    Where can i find a dentist who will suck cock

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    1 10 2012
    Anonymous (12:35:30) :

    Hey that is in Mexico! :D

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    6 10 2012
    Roger (01:52:29) :
    29 10 2012
    jk (07:58:08) :

    Just click on the video and it takes you to his xtube page.

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    19 11 2012
    regg (23:49:50) :

    Que rico hombre al que se la estan mamando y el primero que se la mama que buenas mamadas da y km se kme toda la verga mmmmmmm.

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    21 11 2012
    Donkey Bong (11:31:04) :

    Hot cock. I don’t think MassHealth covers this type of service. I need to switch.

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    5 09 2013
    Jarod (22:18:16) :

    Just found this posting and the video has been blocked, moved or deleted. Does anyone happen to have a copy? Thanks!

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    11 12 2013
    14 12 2013
    RexHuskey (09:28:24) :

    no one does it better than a hungry cocksucker!

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    AL - The Banana Blog Blogger Reply:

    Very true!

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    15 12 2013
    Hugo (11:37:00) :

    I know that guy! he’s my neighbor :O

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    16 12 2013
    Darling (13:48:19) :

    Imagine my disappointment when my sexy, cocoa skinned, buff dentist told me I was going to get drilled in his chair and then pulled out, of all things, a fucking drill! Damn.

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