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Bing ‘Gay Throat Fuck’

16 02 2013

Yesterday I thought I’d do a Bing video search for “gay throat fuck” to see what it returned. The video below was in the top results. You tell me if it got it right! :)

Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 4.56.45 PM

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    20 responses to “Bing ‘Gay Throat Fuck’”

    16 02 2013
    alex (20:09:20) :

    that was intense! hehehe

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    17 02 2013
    TG (00:16:19) :

    That was pretty good, but jeeze, he needs to cut his hair!!!!!

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    SilverRRCloud Reply:

    @TG, Yup. I’ll second the hair cut bit, too!

    The guy is talented, has a great stamina, and good technique, too. He takes facefucking in its stride, stays on his knees, and works towards making his top nut… You really can’t ask for much more…


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    17 02 2013
    Cyclerider (01:48:14) :
    17 02 2013
    G_E (03:24:20) :

    Bing nailed it :D

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    17 02 2013
    Toast (04:05:57) :

    Ugh. That fabio lookin business needs to go.

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    17 02 2013
    Blaze (07:09:47) :

    Al, you did a fine job with Bing!

    Okay, the hair-queens bitch about his locks (nothing a rubber band wouldn’t solve), but no one mentiioned that the guy has a great nose, terrific cheek bones, (apparently) well-calloused lips, and a highly trained throat. But some people complain about anything … their glass is half empty, I guess.

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    AL - The Banana Blog Blogger Reply:

    @Blaze, Thanks buddy!

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    17 02 2013
    sexyme (08:14:28) :

    such luscious locks. inspires me to grow mine.
    I’d do him anyday. Hair and all.

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    17 02 2013
    rob (11:22:45) :

    still lol about the hair comments and the guy taking issue with it lolol

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    17 02 2013
    chris (21:54:05) :

    Note: No noses were broken in the making of this film.

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    18 02 2013
    bi69er_se_pa (13:01:12) :

    If it isn’t the best one, it certainly is a strong contender. Amazing.

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    18 02 2013
    Michael (18:11:39) :

    Thanks for once again helping me unload before I go to college in the morning :D

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    AL - The Banana Blog Blogger Reply:

    My pleasure, buddy. :)

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    20 02 2013
    Anonymous (18:55:46) :

    He has actually a quite pretty face!!

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    26 03 2013
    Anonymous (18:14:21) :

    Looks like he really likes that guy, i doubt they are strangers to each other. The dude could look better, workout/hair cut, but his skills speak for themselves.

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    19 06 2013
    Anonymous (10:33:51) :

    Um, this was beyond awesome…though throat fucking always scares me for the recipient. there’s some internal damage a happening there. yikes. And I’ll go on record saying that I LOVE HIS HAIR. I think I may have a perceived Jesus complex.

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    30 11 2013
    Anonymous (11:50:16) :

    all this talk about the long hair aside, what about that great cock doing the throat fucking?!!! Woof! I’d grow my hair any way he wanted to have the chance to swallow that fine piece of uncut meat! Just the right curve to allow for that great skullfucking!

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    23 12 2013
    RexHuskey (07:07:23) :

    it all visual

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    18 01 2014
    Whoa, Awesome BJ (01:19:35) :

    […] those are some great BJ skills right there. Found this one too: The Banana Blog | Bing ‘Gay Throat Fuck’ I've seen a couple others of this dude […]

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