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Flashback (1988): Chad Douglas & Kevin Williams

26 01 2013

I was 4 years old when this video was made and first discovered it in my early 20s. After all this time it still remains one my favorites by Chad, and actually, one of my favorite adult gay clips of all. This is just a snippet but you can find more on Falcon. I just wanted you guys to get a glance of something I’ve always liked.

Screen Shot 2013-01-26 at 12.48.14 AM

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    13 responses to “Flashback (1988): Chad Douglas & Kevin Williams”

    26 01 2013
    DerryK (09:07:30) :

    Beautifully cocked topman … would love to see/hear him cumming …

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    26 01 2013
    Christian Bragais (09:40:45) :
    26 01 2013
    Danoperez (13:12:31) :

    I fucking love Chad Douglas! My favourite vintage porn star. I don’t like very much his mustache, but his cock and his way of fucking the boys… yeah!

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    26 01 2013
    jemblue (14:01:44) :

    Oh, that TOP was totally fucking amazing. Beautifully thick.

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    26 01 2013
    Darling (16:41:12) :

    I won’t tell you how old I was when this was made but it was way over 4 years.

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    26 01 2013
    CreamyB (22:03:02) :

    Chad Douglas has always been a favorite of mine.

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    27 01 2013
    Jack (02:30:14) :

    Chad Douglas died of AIDS of course. Imagine the number of men he had fucked before he even found out HIV existed. Rest in peace !

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    31 01 2013
    SilverRRCloud (00:50:29) :

    With all the HD vids around, this one feels like VERY old:). But yeah, I remember those Falcon glory days very well. Once you got a new production on a VHS all your friends and buddies would come to watch…and more.

    Looking back, we also see that the role play was pretty strict by today’s standards. A bigger, older top would fuck a cute, smaller bottom dude. The top would not do any ass rimming. Occasionally, a top dude would suck his bottom dude but no one would go very far there either.


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    1 02 2013
    massdebating (18:30:22) :

    I remember this as my very first porno! Nearly twenty years ago I signed up for a post office box so I could receive the delivery in secret. Paid for a money order at the post office (hoping that the name of the recipient wouldn’t embarrass them and me!)… Then when it arrived I had to keep it hidden until I had the house to myself. And boy! When I had the house to myself did I do some jerking off, just mesmerized by this porn and that huge cock. I’ll never forget it! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

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    Batorbro Reply:

    @massdebating, you and I have much in common. I did the same with a PO Box in a neighboring town because my own town was so small, everyone knew each other. I was too nervous that my folks would find out I rented a PO Box. The first porn I ordered was a VHS tape with Chad Douglas (Spring Break, I believe) and man did that flick educate me regarding the things guys could do together sexually. I wore that thing out watching it, and I can’t even count how many hours I spent jerking off to that tape!

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    9 02 2013
    Don (07:02:56) :

    Kevin Williams is still around (I think)

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    12 02 2013
    Mucha (19:23:43) :

    I’m a virgin, I’ve never got naked with a girl and that kinda makes me nervous, but I would totally do a guy like that mm… I’d really love to taste some juicy cock even before I actually smell some pussy…

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    19 03 2013
    Ejaye (16:57:00) :

    I’ve watched the full video a few times, and I still bone up by the sight of Chad’s awesome tubesteak going in and out of mouths and assholes. He was an assertive TOP for sure.

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