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Exclusive: Wrestling VPL

7 12 2012

This guys, is why I love attending college wrestling matches. Check out this guy and his obvious visible penis line. I think it’s pretty safe to say that he knew exactly what he was doing. …and I thank him for that! It’s always nice when a guy isn’t ashamed to flaunt what he’s packing down below!

Btw, speaking of VPLs – The other day I tweeted a picture of my own “VPL” on Twitter (obviously) and felt a little guilty for not sharing it with you all – my blog buddies :) Here’s the pic! Don’t forget to follow @TheBananaBlog on Twitter.

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    21 responses to “Exclusive: Wrestling VPL”

    8 12 2012
    Cyle (01:13:34) :

    Obviously, he knew what he was doing. I’m wondering who recorded the footage. Also, even if he wanted to, is there a way to hide his horse penis in those tights?

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    8 12 2012
    Dan Gamboa Bohórquez (06:18:43) :

    @DonMogolla :3 … ay mira, bulging.

    8 12 2012
    Matt (06:48:52) :

    More guys need to dress like that >:)

    I know it’ll probably be the last thing anyone notices, but he was talking about my university! I couldn’t even believe my ears at first, although he mispronounced it like even the people who live here do… :P Am I proud that an internet video of a hung wrestler in tight spandex making a passing reference to my relatively unknown university has now surfaced on at least one moderately trafficked gay porn blog? YOU BET I AM.

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    J.C. Reply:

    @Matt, That’s exactly what i noticed too…my university…and now I definitely think I should be attending some home wrestling matches now.

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    9 12 2012
    Lydia (05:00:23) :

    Two questions:
    1. Why was that guy putting his (I’m pretty sure) headgear in his pants like that?
    2. Did anyone else notice at the end in the background some guy stuck his hand down his shorts for (what seemed like) a very long time?

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    julian Reply:

    @Lydia, only after you mentioned either, i was too busy ogling the parakeet caught in his singlet

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    9 12 2012
    Anonymous (11:44:09) :

    Stop trying to make vpl happen al! Its NOT going to happen!

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    AL - The Banana Blog Blogger Reply:


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    9 12 2012
    rob (12:26:20) :
    9 12 2012
    johnny (15:20:34) :

    love this stuff. VPL all the way

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    9 12 2012
    Cyclerider (18:55:42) :

    Wow! That is really hot.

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    13 12 2012
    Anonymous (10:42:13) :

    I used 2 go 2 that college. A lot of my good friends used to wrestle for UNCP, and boy I made sure I never missed a wrestling match at home 8-)

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    14 12 2012
    Asher (23:09:32) :

    Hot! But totally staged!

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    14 12 2012
    Asher (23:15:47) :

    Gazillion folk walking around faces galore and cam-guy can’t to get a full torso and face shot even when old boy is on his knees. Hot! But totally staged! Kinda kills the VPL magic!

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    Anonymous Reply:

    @Asher, Did you ever think that perhaps it’s purposely edited (cut and cropped) to not reveal his face? FYI – It’s also not staged.

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    Asher Reply:

    @, No came to mind that it could have been purposely edited…trust ya that it’s not staged…VPL magic back on! :O)

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    1 01 2013
    No name (17:03:03) :

    Wear a fucking cup. Problem solved.

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    28 02 2013
    Bulge in White | GAYGRAVYTATION (21:57:43) :

    [...] you want a longer and equally hot clip, check out the other “wrestler bulge” video here. It’s one of my [...]

    19 03 2013
    Ejaye (18:28:45) :

    Wouldn’t you just love to be that face on his shorts…

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    18 11 2013
    peudefolie (11:50:06) :

    I wanna watch him how he wrestles! I imagine he gets a boner… big boner hhahhaha

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