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Hidden in the Locker Room

23 11 2012

I recieved a request to find and post another “hidden/voyeur” type locker room clip. Here is one that I came across online that I hadn’t seen before. You get a great view of his equally great ass and a couple dick shots. Not too bad ;)

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    16 responses to “Hidden in the Locker Room”

    24 11 2012
    jemblue (01:04:59) :

    Wow, that’s a beautiful man. Somehow I think he knows he is being watched.

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    pubert Reply:

    @jemblue, I thought the same thing. His body language seems to say he knows someone’s watching, or they even set it up to look like a hidden camera video. Hot guy either way.

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    24 11 2012
    DerryK (11:02:00) :

    He is beautiful, gave me a throbbing hard on the moment I saw his ass ;)

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    24 11 2012
    NiceTool (14:31:55) :

    man i love love LOVE hidden locker room videos… more please…

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    24 11 2012
    rob (16:39:35) :

    I love hidden cams too! : )

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    24 11 2012
    Me (22:16:16) :

    JO to that gorgeous ass, anyone wanna join me?

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    Danny16 Reply:


    haha just did! I was goin slowly and then i exploded accidentally cos of how he stood at :23 :$ then I had another one to enjoy it more!

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    25 11 2012
    Tray (13:34:18) :

    Would love to have him sit that hot ass in my face and force me to eat him out!! Get my tongue right inside that man ass!!

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    25 11 2012
    paradox414 (13:41:02) :

    Love the way he took the towel down to dry his cock and then immediately up to his face. The man knows how to work it.

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    JDGolliday Reply:

    @paradox414, I was thinking the exact same thing!

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    28 11 2012
    Porn 4 Gay & Bi Folk (22:52:54) :

    RT @thebananablog: Hidden in the Locker Room #muscle #stud #cock in shower

    29 11 2012
    Your Welcome (01:07:21) :

    UGHHHHH THIS DUDE IS SO FUCKING HOT!!! RT @thebananablog: Hidden in the Locker Room

    1 12 2012
    Danny- Boo (20:57:04) :

    this is one of the reasons why I like going to the gym @thebananablog: Hidden in the Locker Room

    10 12 2012
    Anonymous (15:46:45) :

    Better than porn!!!

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    16 12 2012
    Anas'taziaB'Verhusen (03:26:46) :

    RT @thebananablog: Hidden in the Locker Room

    7 02 2013
    Stephen O. (23:45:13) :

    This could very easily be the only vid you would ever need.
    Not sure who he is, but I am convinced that I spotted him here:
    He is unbearably hot.

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