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Military Classified: Mutual JO

20 09 2012

Mutual JO clips rarely do anything for me, however, there’s something about this one that’s really hot. This short clip features Rob and Cypress from Military Classified.

You might remember Cypress from this clip here, the one where he says that he will only let a guy blow him – he’s not into doing anything else! [fast-forward 4 years] Perhaps it’s wishful thinking but I’m pretty sure you can tell in the clip below that he’s getting fairly turned on by beating Rob’s dick off while also getting jerked off too.

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    14 responses to “Military Classified: Mutual JO”

    20 09 2012
    Darling (20:36:49) :

    I’ve been a member of this site off and on over the years and While Cypress is hot, this clip did very little for me. Nudge me when he agrees to go down on Rob (or someone better looking)

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    20 09 2012
    TG (21:20:14) :

    I thought this was hot, I think Cypress is hot, for a redneck idiot…lol.

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    20 09 2012
    TaylorX (22:47:41) :

    good night, this is so hot, I mean really, this is a very sizzling clip, got my heart racing!!!

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    20 09 2012
    TaylorX (22:51:08) :

    love it, i’m sorry but just wow, this really is extremely hot!!!

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    AL - The Banana Blog Blogger Reply:

    Glad you liked it!

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    21 09 2012
    DerryK (06:00:09) :

    First time I have seen Rob erect and spurting cum, loved it …

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    AL - The Banana Blog Blogger Reply:

    Right – I believe this is my first time seeing him like this too. He should participate more often like this :)


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    DerryK Reply:

    @AL – The Banana Blog Blogger, Couldn’t agree more. I have seen him take it in the ass from some of the guys before, but every time he failed to become erect, and hid his cock and balls in his hand. It is good to see how big he gets when hard, and to see him enjoying it like he does ;) – he looks sexy in this clip, no doubt about it. Hope he takes the suggestion for more like this to heart ;)

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    JustMe Reply:

    @AL – The Banana Blog Blogger,

    I agree 100%, I was wondering if Rob EVER Came in his Vids!

    He needs to cum in his vids more often!!!

    Side note, I wish he’d feature more “Straight” Military Guys that DON’T SHAVE their pubes. Hard to believe that the MAJORITY of the guys in MC Vids, Manscape!

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    21 09 2012
    steveDC (14:43:39) :

    don’t usually like handjob films but this one is hot. neat to see the smile on the crew cut’s face when he felt his bud’s orgasm.

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    21 09 2012
    collhic (16:48:56) :

    Nice thick cocks on both & big balls on Cypress…gotta love those jarhead ears too!

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    13 10 2012
    collhic (07:41:21) :

    Cypress is not so mouthy now…4 years later, eh?

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    27 02 2013
    Anonymous (14:58:39) :

    do you know where I can see the full video of this?? :)

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    2 06 2013
    duke (14:18:21) :

    thanks for posting this clip bud; i find this to be one of the hottest mutual stroking clips i’ve seen in a LONG time; love it!

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