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The Ballet Dancer

6 08 2012

I ran across this preview clip online and thought it was pretty great. I love the way it was shot and the chemistry between the two guys made it even better. Needless to say, the cum shots at the end were pretty hot as well. Check it out below:

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    27 responses to “The Ballet Dancer”

    6 08 2012
    Anon (08:09:39) :

    Awesome! One of the best ever.

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    6 08 2012
    michael (09:54:13) :

    where is this clip from? this is the best video i’ve even seen, hands down.

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    luis Reply:

    @michael, You can watch the whole video here its the Russian version of facebook and they have tons of porn here you might have to make an account I did

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    6 08 2012
    Brian (10:49:11) :

    The white boy is soooooooo lucky!

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    6 08 2012
    RW (12:17:20) :

    That black guy is incredible. What I wouldn’t give to switch places with that bottom!

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    6 08 2012
    jemblue (18:47:30) :

    That’s scary.

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    6 08 2012
    Nick (20:17:41) :

    I second Michael’s question. Where is this clip from? Would love to go find the full-length version.

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    7 08 2012
    Rafael (01:15:55) :

    This is fucking hot but very unrealistic…a dance can’t have that big of a

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    7 08 2012
    Mark (02:30:00) :

    It’s from “The Nutcracker” from the euro company Staxus. You can get it at homoactive or radvideo dot com.

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    AL - The Banana Blog Blogger Reply:

    @Mark, Thanks! I’ve updated the post with this information. I was looking all over for it.

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    7 08 2012
    Liz (06:57:14) :

    Just watched the whole scene! That black guy is crazy, there are points that he doesn’t even hilt himself and he hits the prostate of the bottom making him moan like a bitch xD Amazing, seriously.

    Also, that black guy’s abs. So awesome @n@! Me gusta!

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    7 08 2012
    randall (21:47:12) :

    So great.. Uncut cocks, bare backing, bottom taking it all the way to the base, hot cum shots and a bottom that it all!

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    7 08 2012
    TaylorX (22:21:59) :

    that was pretty damn hot, love the instructor, big fat cock and nice round ass, man, love to do him

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    8 08 2012
    SilverRRCloud (00:18:37) :

    Hottt. Five stars.

    Simple and powerful ingredients:

    #1 hot dudes
    #2 realistic setting
    #3 mutual chemistry
    #4 sense of humor
    #5 top technique and production

    Why can’t we get more of such movies?


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    8 08 2012
    Daniel (07:20:38) :

    Wow thanks @thebananablog for the video so hot so sexy The Ballet Dancer

    8 08 2012
    Daniel (07:40:25) :

    @z_woody13 @thebananablog

    8 08 2012
    sexyitalnyc (15:03:43) :

    I just saw a video of the black guy on xhamster…I’ve tried twice to link it here and it doesn’t seem to let me. I guess do a search for “Twink takes big black cock bareback” and you can find another scene of him plowing some euro twink with his uncut chocolatey goodness! Does anyone know his name?

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    9 08 2012
    Evergreen (14:58:45) :

    @Rafael He actually is or was a commercial dancer but because of his porn video being spread. He had to quit dancing professionally, which is a shame because he is very talented and not just in the obvious way too ;)
    He goes by the name “Billy Rogers” you can find him on euro cream and Bulldog Pit

    Hope this helps guys :P

    P.S. I won’t be telling anyone where you can find him still Dancing today…He’s mine next!

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    11 08 2012
    DerryK (09:03:59) :

    Hot video, loved the bodies and the mutual appreciation of the hot loads …

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    12 08 2012
    Dominic (15:01:44) :

    Unbelievable !!! What a handsome couple and that black huge cock entering that white boy
    is sensational.. My favorite is the eating of the black cum at the entire of the fuck!
    Made me so hungry to have that black cum inside me too !!!

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    14 08 2012
    robhos (02:36:57) :

    This was just beautiful – and sexy plus!

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    14 08 2012
    guy (08:12:52) :
    17 08 2012
    Me (17:06:17) :

    hot video, love a blk guy to fuck me like that

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    19 08 2012
    xoxox (13:03:52) :

    Hot passionate sex!!

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    25 10 2012
    Staxus (03:42:10) :

    Hey guys,

    The black guy is Tyler Johnson, the white guy is Johnny Cruz, both are dancers and friends.

    The original video is from and that is where you will find more scenes with both of them.


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    25 10 2012
    IrishBoy (15:27:07) :

    Wow, I’ll check it out!
    One thing that struck me about the original clip was how high quality the HD and the cinematography was :D

    Regardless, haven’t seen this in a while *unzips jeans* Xp

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    25 10 2012
    Horny Interracial Double Penetration (Full Scene) | GAYGRAVYTATION (22:00:26) :

    [...] I posted a hot clip called “The Ballet Dancer” featuring Johnny Cruz and Tyler Johnson (check it out here!). Because of the positive response, the guys over at Staxus have provided us with another full [...]

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