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Olympic Size Bulges

29 07 2012

Oh come one, you knew this post was coming lol. My favorite olympic sports just happen to be swimming, gymnastics, and track & field. I won’t go into the specifics why, however, I’ve provided the following two videos as a clue.

Note: These clips aren’t from the 2012 games, but they’ll give you an idea of what to expect this year :)

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    12 responses to “Olympic Size Bulges”

    29 07 2012
    pacific792 (11:38:43) :

    Damn! But he would run so much better with some tighter spandex.

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    29 07 2012
    HomoErectus (20:06:42) :

    Thank god no one has invented the male equivalent of the sports bra. And if they have, thank god no one actually wears it. Especially the black guys. ;-)

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    30 07 2012
    ThePhoenixRises (22:55:07) :

    Lambert….in spanish lamber means to LICK….I would love to lick those big balls….LOL….So sexy.

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    MeSoHorny Reply:

    Incorrect, the verb to lick in spanish is LAMER as in “quiero lamer tu pija”

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    2 08 2012
    Daniel (13:42:14) :

    OMG!!!! Olympic Size Bulges

    4 08 2012
    julmops (00:31:52) :

    You should check out Felix Sanchez from Dominican Republic … Fabulous and HUGE !! ;-)

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    4 08 2012
    Mike (14:43:02) :

    I love Water Polo, too….. sexy, unshaven men in speedos!

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    29 08 2012
    joe (23:33:30) :

    my mouth just started watering now… i’d love for them to bounce their balls all over my face.

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    AL - The Banana Blog Blogger Reply:

    @joe, You and me both :)

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    26 11 2012
    fuckmenow (02:23:51) :

    RT @thebananablog: Olympic Size Bulges

    30 01 2013
    dave63 (15:37:53) :

    Damm bbm m 220FC034. Am gay bottom. In pretoria.

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    10 01 2014
    VDL(visable dick line) - Page 98 (05:57:05) :

    […] Take a look at this clip…WOW… The Banana Blog | Olympic Size Bulges […]

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