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Gallery (Visible Penis Line)

7 06 2012

You know how straight guys check out women’s boobs all day (well, I guess they do), I would imagine gay guys check out guys bulges all day! Well, I do! lol. I guess I can’t help it. Instinctively I suppose I just want to know how I measure up to all the rest. Yeah, that’s what it is!

Btw, my personal favorite: 4th row, 1st picture.

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    23 responses to “Gallery (Visible Penis Line)”

    8 06 2012
    Danoperez (04:10:08) :

    I’m on your team Al! I walk the streets always looking at men’s bulges. When someone asks me “what is the first thing you pay attention in a man?” I’m like… ehm… his… eyes? hahahaha

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    8 06 2012
    Donderwolk (06:32:52) :

    What i do’nt understand is why these guys where these things when they do there sport. It can’t be very comfertable if your dick is constantly rubbing your leg. I would get hard every time. But i love seeing this kind of bulging things.

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    8 06 2012
    远大可建 (09:35:18) :


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    8 06 2012
    My.Dirty.Me (09:50:47) :

    The red headed guy(second from left) in the 13th photo (4th row, 1st picture) went to my college.

    I absolutely do this…all day.

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    bill Reply:

    @My.Dirty.Me, He should have a medal on too – can you airbrush one on for him??

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    8 06 2012
    bill (14:22:31) :

    Wish I went to Cleveland State…lucky coach

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    8 06 2012
    Mark (18:59:11) :

    Not that I’m complaining, but don’t athletes wear jocks any more?

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    Anonymous Reply:

    @Mark, I would rather see their big cocks bouncing around. I may get lucky and see a big one peeking out. OMG HOW FUCKING LUCKY COULD I BE!!!!!!!

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    9 06 2012
    Justin Whitehall (08:17:39) :

    Love the VPL….Shemar More should be in this gallery. He’s been on beach lately bulging every which way.

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    9 06 2012
    pacific792 (10:45:27) :

    Damn, Cleveland State had to be doing that one on purpose!

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    9 06 2012
    Daniel (14:00:48) :

    Gallery Visible Penis Line

    9 06 2012
    jemblue (15:49:03) :

    My favorite is 4th row, second pic. Love that what that water does. 1st row, second pic, looks like my yoga teacher. I can see the silhouette of his cock when he walks around the class. And by the way, it is beautiful.

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    10 06 2012
    udman26 (10:43:42) :

    so im new here but not new to the website.
    i really like this collection of images. nicely compiled.
    btw the 16th image is pretty is the 18th wait their all pretty hot:P

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    12 06 2012
    Anonymous (09:38:55) :

    Fuuuck :)))) I’m just gonna say that

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    13 06 2012
    chris (18:36:47) :

    so hot. you should create “”

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    AL - The Banana Blog Blogger Reply:

    Actually that’s on my todo list. No one steal that name damnmit! lol.

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    14 06 2012
    ncbabe (21:26:37) :

    Gotta wonder if these dudes are even aware. They all just stand there and they mite as well be naked they way their dicks are showing.

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    22 06 2012
    Phill (16:18:29) :

    This post reminds me of this very hot guy that I work with currently. He wears this long apron that goes to just over the knees. He is always stroking something with his thumb. It is clearly not his stomach and he runs the length of it with his thumb too. I want to say something, but I am afraid he would stop doing it. So I let him keep going. It helps that he is uber hot too. You guys would be going crazy if you could see it.

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    AL - The Banana Blog Blogger Reply:

    That sounds hot! :)

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    28 10 2012
    Amrita (16:19:49) :

    RT @thebananablog: Gallery (Visible Penis Line)

    18 11 2012
    jason (23:02:54) :

    Would love to get on my knees for a hot sweaty oral gangbang with just about all of these studs. I would stroke and suck them all to completion on my ripped body,on my face,or down my throat! Hey what can i say, im a straight guy who likes sucking a thick piece of meat or 12 now and again!

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    7 12 2012
    sam (21:05:37) :

    I would love to suck their Dick in my mouth n this guys r too hot n sexy I just say fuucck .I like their Dick size they are too someone here can tell me how to make penis bigger….

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    26 12 2012
    Anonymous (23:15:23) :

    Love these dicks

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