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Tim Kruger/Phoenix

24 05 2012

One of my favorite sites is Tim Tales, and one of my favorite bottoms from Tim Tales is Phoenix. Now, usually I’m not really into the skinny, hairless twink look, however, I can watch just about anything with Phoenix in it. I don’t know what it is about him, perhaps it’s how he can bottom like a champ or that he strikes me as just a little (ok, a lot!) slutty! haha.

Here’s a short preview clip of Phoenix and Tim in action. You can check out the rest at Tim Tales here.

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    10 responses to “Tim Kruger/Phoenix”

    24 05 2012
    rob (21:31:49) :

    nice dik on the top

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    24 05 2012
    TG (22:32:23) :

    Phoenix is ok, but I think Tim is way hotter!

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    25 05 2012
    mike (01:05:51) :

    look at that eye contact, they are totally into each other

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    AL - The Banana Blog Blogger Reply:

    @mike, …And that little kiss on the cheek at about 2:16 was cute too :)

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    25 05 2012
    jemblue (09:17:41) :

    Give me a big man like Tim any day. He is the perfect top.

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    Jamie Reply:

    @jemblue, I agree 100%. Tim Kruger is masculine, well built, and well hung. I would love to be fucked by him…

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    27 05 2012
    NiceToolPGH (08:11:49) :

    TIM is a stud… love that cock & furry chest, would love to see him pound some hairy man ass & not this skinny kid…

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    28 05 2012
    Daniel (14:56:49) :

    RT @thebananablog: Tim Kruger/Phoenix

    3 06 2012
    Anonymous (11:27:15) :

    The girl can take it :))

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    14 07 2012
    Anonymous (09:10:49) :


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