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Straight Guys Are So…Gay

11 04 2012

I came across this clip as I was browsing online a few days ago. We’ve all seem straight guys do some pretty gay things but cumming in your friends face has to to be one of the gayest.

Is it just me or did the guy that got the facial not put up much of a fight? :)

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    22 responses to “Straight Guys Are So…Gay”

    11 04 2012
    derp (12:50:54) :
    11 04 2012
    jemblue (13:53:43) :

    Boys just wanna have fun!

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    11 04 2012
    porno (14:09:17) :

    It s very fine thanks

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    11 04 2012
    Anonymous (17:55:03) :

    when i pause it i saw VAGINAS! -dun dun dun!!!-

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    12 04 2012
    12 04 2012
    Dave (22:17:12) :

    Funny and weird at the same time!

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    Anonymous Reply:

    @Dave, If I was sitting with a bunch of gay guys and someone out of the blue started jacking off, I find it strange too! Now if I were in to him, maybe not – lol!

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    13 04 2012
    Eric (14:04:49) :

    Oh my God! They are from Sweden! Just as I am! They talk swedish!

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    erik Reply:

    @Eric, Can you translate then; what are they talking about; just curious?

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    14 04 2012
    Eric (13:12:02) :

    Well, there drunk as hell… Or high on something. They are just fooling around. But they are betting. If he takes the load in his face, he will get a 100 SEK (about 14 USD) from each one of the guys sitting there. They talk about 400 SEK at one time, so I guess there are four of them.
    At one time one of the guys says: “Just keep your eyes shut, and it will be fine. And hold your nose”

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    14 04 2012
    Eric (13:29:11) :

    And at the beginning someone is saying: You won’t notice if it’s oil or cum.

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    15 04 2012
    ahrrrr (02:20:27) :

    when it was first posted to you tube it was called phillip the laugher

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    15 04 2012
    Eric (04:06:45) :

    Does anybody know how old this clip is? How many years has it been out there?
    The strange thing is, I think I recognize the guy who gets the load in his face.
    I think this was filmed during one of the Swedish summer festivals in Hultsfred. They’ve had a festival there each year the last decade or so. The guys in this clip comes from all parts of Sweden. I can tell, cause every one of them speaks different dialects.

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    17 04 2012
    SilverRRCloud (13:56:27) :

    Liberal societies have gone a long way of blurring the lines between gay and str8. So, yeah, the guys may be str8, bi or gay. No one seems to really care too much. One dude gets a facial+a USD 50.00 donation, so they can get more booze.

    Whatever happens next can be always explained away anyway:). Once you shoot your load over your bud’s face, everything else comes in naturally…


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    23 04 2012
    David (18:43:10) :

    Tried several times but this specific video won’t play. Any fixes?

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    30 04 2012
    Anonymous (09:57:13) :

    video wont play

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    3 05 2012
    Eric (21:18:29) :

    I’ve never had any problem with this vid. It still plays for me.

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    9 08 2012
    crazzyrich (23:21:08) :

    RT @thebananablog: Straight Guys Are So…Gay

    5 12 2012
    Brian (04:21:36) :

    I wish I was there to give him a hand or mouth…

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    29 03 2013
    Straight Guys Are So Gay…#5 | GAYGRAVYTATION (17:11:22) :

    [...] dudes doing some pretty gay things. You know, gay things like the guys in this video, this video, and this video are [...]

    20 01 2014
    asd (04:20:12) :

    The video says it has been removed. :/

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    AL - The Banana Blog Blogger Reply:

    It’ll be back up shortly.


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