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Rob Swallows

30 03 2012

If you’re one of the lucky members of Military Classified then you are very familiar with the talents of Rob. Here’s a preview of some of his best, ummm, swallowing sessions. I’m pretty sure he spits though :)

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    31 responses to “Rob Swallows”

    30 03 2012
    Ron Watts (23:53:01) :

    Not the best thing you’ve posted, but really good. The guy likes his work even though some of his “clients” don’t seem to want to show that they like his work. The last guy excepted. That was special, and I was watching closely and didn’t need the slo-mo to get it. But it was all good. Thanx

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    Anonymous Reply:

    @Ron Watts,

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    31 03 2012
    DerryK (07:13:27) :

    Rob sure knows how to milk his bulls ;) Real nice when they release in his warm mouth.

    The last guy in the clip shot a great load; cool to see how relaxed he was with Rob after that phenomenal ejaculation. Would be nice to see them both in an even more intimate sexual encounter, where the guy would play with Rob and help get him off too … really get in into mantoman ;)

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    31 03 2012
    AGBALA (13:13:34) :

    Rob is the absolute best and my role model. Nobody sucks a cock better. He truly understands that the ultimate reward is a hot load down his throat so even if that means that camera doesn’t get the class money shot, it is clear that what’s important to him is getting the ultimate. In my next life, I’m coming back as Rob Navarro! Thanks for sharing this compilation…excellent!

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    31 03 2012
    Cody (14:34:30) :

    A true master at his craft…

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    31 03 2012
    TG (18:28:29) :

    This was hot, especially the end…..Something tells me that last guy now knows what a women’s orgams is like….;)

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    31 03 2012
    jemblue (23:24:22) :

    Wow, some of those are in total ecstasy. Last guy was actually hot.

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    1 04 2012
    mike (01:22:46) :

    I bet Rob has AIDS. Ewwww.

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    Daniel Reply:

    @mike, really! douche bag!

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    Ron Watts Reply:

    @mike, that is a totally uncalled for comment. There is no “unsafe sex” in view, nothing to base a mean spirited claim on.

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    2 04 2012
    Alex (00:54:00) :

    Talk about having the gift of the gab!! looooooove it!

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    2 04 2012
    Mark (08:09:16) :

    I think the last guy was acting – a commercial for Rob and his skills – that said, he is undeniably hot!

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    2 04 2012
    L (09:10:39) :
    6 04 2012
    SilverRRCloud (06:26:23) :

    Rob may not be everybody’s dream BF but he does have some extraordinary skills. Sure, you may call this a commercial for his prowess. But it pays off to advertise, doesn’t it?

    I find the whole thing to be an awesome exercise in the mechanics of sex. This ain’t your usual gay porn where you get to see some sort of mutual attraction and play. This is about showing that a dude shoots when he has to shoot. For the guys who are into the str8 men fantasy this is as good as it ever gets.

    Bottomline: an awesome post.


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    8 04 2012
    elJiffy (09:35:52) :

    Rob’s a great cock-sucker, and he’s pretty hot himself.

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    12 04 2012
    Cacophonie (03:19:50) :

    Aquí una compilación de bugas que se la dejan mamar por este güey que es mi héroe.

    12 04 2012
    Cacophonie (03:27:57) :

    OMFG ¿ya lo vieron? ¡está bien chido el final!

    12 04 2012
    Cacophonie (03:29:50) :

    "Rob is the absolute best and my role model. Nobody sucks a cock better" Neta, véanlo

    18 04 2012
    drunker (20:11:29) :

    I love the first guys balls rising and falling with each squirt.

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    22 04 2012
    aluv4men (13:20:20) :

    RT @thebananablog: Rob Swallows

    23 04 2012
    RW (23:42:42) :

    Rob needs to teach classes on technique. He would be a millionaire. And I would be his first student. Outstanding.

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    8 05 2012
    Rhythmace (22:29:49) :

    That last guy is amazing to watch, and I love the shot of his jit covered huge right nipple. When he says he doesn’t cum that powerfully with a chick, I get it. I have had women milk me to orgasm and men milk me to orgasm and when a dude does it, I end up outta control. At least the dudes I have been with know their work and they make me cum so hard I beg like a wimp when I cum. So I know that this guy pleasuring all of these men is an expert. The last guy is all man and he is wiped out at the end of that scene and he is drenched with jit. And he groans and screams like a pussy and that is the ultimate goal! Thanks for posting.

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    25 06 2012
    Anonymous (20:11:04) :

    The guy at 2:43 and the last guy are the same person…my bet is the clip where Rob swallows was made after the jo one. Rob was smart and wanted the full load.

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    25 06 2012
    Anonymous (20:14:09) :

    That should have said 324 not 243…

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    28 06 2012
    Rafe (10:28:32) :

    He said it: Better than a 10, maybe 20, 30 40!
    I’ve never seen anything. anything better!!!

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    2 07 2012
    ncbabe (21:49:29) :

    Gotta get my bf to milk and suck me like that. I luv letting a man boyfriend totally control me. And I luv the feeling of a powerful orgasm and drenching my own nipples. Thanks for posting!!!!!!

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    5 07 2012
    peter (20:13:28) :

    God,I love this the sucking at 2.22 the guy was rugged and hot.I loved the pulling and milking.Rob took it all,the guy was being pulled into Rob’s mouth.Hot

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    24 07 2012
    Robert Alvarez. (00:06:30) :

    I found your Web site “by accident,” and I AM so glad I did! As for Rob Navarro, he is truly one of my porn heroes! And I could not agree more with RW: Rob MUST teach a class on man-to-man sex, especially his phenomenal blowjob/handjob technique. Thank you for this great post, and look forward to more of them.

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    10 10 2012
    chad38 (20:54:12) :

    The first guy was so sexy,his balls,the pulsing and face.Rob feeds on jizz like a hungry calf fast and furious.

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    18 06 2013
    Surprise Cum in Mouth - Page 3 (19:48:48) :

    [...] Its not 'surprise' but it is cum in mouth if that's what you're looking for. The Banana Blog | Rob Swallows [...]

    3 10 2013
    Doug (15:02:19) :

    Anyone know names of other rob vids where he takes it mouth?zach and 6 man bukakke are them only ones I know!

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