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Sexy/Hairy JO #2

24 03 2012

I didn’t think I’d find this video so hot but this guys hairy body is such a turn on to me. It makes him look so sexy and masculine to me. If you don’t like the “smooth as baby’s bottom” or “twink” look, then this is the man for you.

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    16 responses to “Sexy/Hairy JO #2”

    24 03 2012
    TG (20:07:58) :

    I have to admit this guy was rly hot, I’d definitely do him…I also thought the sound of him strokin’ his cock was pretty hot, too.

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    24 03 2012
    KN (21:24:15) :

    This boy is way hot!
    Love the chest!

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    25 03 2012
    Anonymous (03:27:22) :

    gott dae-yem poppa!

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    25 03 2012
    jackson92 (08:35:49) :

    def hot, he got me very hard..

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    25 03 2012
    jemblue (16:46:29) :

    Now that is a man. Love the hair but his cock….. Oh never mind. He was hot. Thanks for the post.

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    AL - The Banana Blog Blogger Reply:

    Lol …I know what you were about to say …

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    Fred Reply:


    Oh, come on :P I bet he can do some serious damage with that cock! Size really does not matter. Actually, I prefer the average cock over the huge dongs. I have had a lot (and believe me when I say A LOT) of guys, and normal sized gentlemen know how to handle their tools perfectly ;)

    But to comment on the video: Hot, Hot, Hot! We need more manly men like that!

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    jemblue Reply:

    @Fred, I know, I know. I actually saw him in a clip and he was a beautiful kisser. He was damn hot. And yes, we do need more men like him.

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    Anonymous Reply:

    @jemblue, can you give me a the link for his other videos? Thx

    25 03 2012
    Joja (22:34:24) :

    Love a sexy hairy man! So HOT!

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    26 03 2012
    martin (01:48:25) :

    Nice to see a presumably regular guy masturbating.

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    27 03 2012
    lttl.espana (11:12:25) :

    I prefer straight flowing chest hair. Curly chest hair grosses me out. :P

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    27 03 2012
    elvisseven (14:39:05) :

    he really is cute, would love to have him as my husband. looks like he has a great body, he could be Mideastern, love them. i also love the hairy body, he has a beautiful face, great smile, good teeth. I think i am in love.

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    27 03 2012
    tim (17:50:56) :

    I liked this guy alot. Still trying to figure out ethnicity..but Whatever HE IS – HE’S H O T..Good looking and hairy +++++ Thanks, Al

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    27 03 2012
    Anonymous (18:18:47) :

    May i see that hard on guys

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    3 04 2012
    Anonymous (01:19:17) :

    OMG he was so hot! i just want to let him fuck me so hard!!!

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