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Amateur Army Fuck

10 03 2012

[ Insert obvious 'Don't Ask. Don't Tell' joke here ] I ran across this pretty hot video online today. Now, I’m sure if the top in this video is really in the military or not, but who doesn’t love a man in a uniform!?

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    22 responses to “Amateur Army Fuck”

    11 03 2012
    Darius (07:30:04) :

    I wish there was an ending here. Pretty hot, but without a cum shot, a let down!

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    11 03 2012
    James (10:05:04) :

    I want to believe the top is a true GI. Anyway, I don’t think the bottom consented to publication. It got taken down from xTube.

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    Anonymous Reply:

    @James, it’s still on xvideos…

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    11 03 2012
    James (10:06:08) :

    Also, am I the only one who can only hear the sound if I download the video?

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    Anonymous Reply:

    @James, did you download it???

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    11 03 2012
    jemblue (18:30:09) :

    That is HOT. Topper has himself a pretty package. And the bottom’s ass was “fucking warm”. HAAA. Love this video.

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    11 03 2012
    Puck (22:23:15) :

    I’ll believe it. There’s more than enough of us in the good old DoD!

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    11 03 2012
    mk19 (22:24:27) :

    Point of recording sex vids if you going to keep it private? Even though I see it

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    12 03 2012
    Phill (13:20:50) :


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    13 03 2012
    Wotan (14:42:31) :

    I’m impressed with what looks like genuine affection and tenderness on the part of the top, and they both have very nice equipment. Thanks

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    14 03 2012
    iamnotmydick (15:02:06) :

    #NSFW Amateur Army Fuck RT @thebananablog:

    15 03 2012
    Gabriel (23:38:15) :

    Wish I could watch it on my iPod but I guess you can’t have everything…

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    16 03 2012
    Joel (19:28:50) :

    fucking horny, love that top guy

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    18 03 2012
    jessica (16:25:21) :

    Yes very nice I like it

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    20 03 2012
    Hentai Download (11:56:35) :

    I always did say that only soldier know how to treat other soldiers :)

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    22 03 2012
    The King of Israel (01:13:41) :

    בדיעבד… RT @thebananablog: Amateur Army Fuck

    29 03 2012
    WAR (13:18:09) :

    I know the bottom and damn didn’t know he was packing like that. oh this is not a fantasy they are both in the military. i don’t know whats hotter the fact that is army boys or that I know one of them.

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    1 04 2012
    choc (18:42:38) :

    From which XTube site is this from?

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    12 04 2012
    Jestoni Casanova (00:25:19) :

    Like! Will I be charged any crime if I engage in unprotected sex knowing I am HIV positive?

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    Toast Reply:

    @Jestoni Casanova, if you don’t declare your HIV status in plain words, as clearly as possible pre-coitus, yes, you can be charged with attempted murder.

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    14 04 2012
    Daniel (11:57:32) :

    'Don't Ask. Don't Tell' @thebananablog: Amateur Army Fuck

    3 02 2013
    Rob (11:35:18) :

    Doesn’t seem to be working anymore!

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