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Male Parts 2: Thighs

14 12 2011

One of my favorite parts of a guy isn’t his dick, arms, or eyes, but his legs (and more specifically) thighs! I think it’s an often overlooked part of a guy that can actually be really hot! There is just something about guys with somewhat thicker or defined thighs or long legs that’s a really big turn on to me. Here’s a visual depiction of what I’m referring to.

I also included a clip that I just happened to come across as I was writing this post. It struck me as somewhat odd, but hell, it fit the topic of this post so here you go :-)


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    16 responses to “Male Parts 2: Thighs”

    16 12 2011
    royco (01:11:34) :

    Very sexy and the guy on top has beautiful muscular legs & butt

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    16 12 2011
    rayner (01:51:12) :

    hey umm, can you upload the vid on another website, i can’t seem to go to this website.

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    16 12 2011
    Cole (02:32:13) :

    Talk about “safe sex”

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    16 12 2011
    Ron (08:42:14) :

    Wow. I wish we could see who these guys are. Their bodies are amazing (including that huge dick!)

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    16 12 2011
    TG (19:53:33) :

    I think they’re be doing it wrong…lol. This is a pretty hot vid.

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    17 12 2011
    musenheddo (07:09:19) :

    This is called intercrural sex. It was quite popular in ancient Greece.

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    AL - The Banana Blog Blogger Reply:

    Thanks for the info! I knew this position had to have a name :)

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    17 12 2011
    DerryK (09:08:03) :

    Also called interfemoral intercourse. The position I used for my first male-on-male sex at the age of eleven. The guy on top has his erect dick thrusting between the thighs of the guy on the bottom so that the top can feel the strength and hardness of the bottom cock and also experience the pleasure of sliding his cock against the bottom’s balls and thighs. HOT …

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    17 12 2011
    jemblue (15:13:33) :


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    21 12 2011
    Phill (02:21:33) :

    Can verify the bit about ancient Greece. This was very popular among men then and not frowned upon either. This wouldn’t have made a person “homosexual” either. I believe the thought is that actual penetration between men was taboo though. (Although I am sure men were still doing it.)

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    27 12 2011
    Anonymous (05:52:02) :

    wow. how big is the black guys dick to poke through the thighs like that? HOT!

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    27 12 2011
    SilverRRCloud (23:55:34) :

    No doubt, the dudes seem to be nicely trimmed:).

    Simply put, frottage is an attractive option for the guys who are into a non-penetrative sex.

    Sure, this is a form of saf(er) sex. It also floats boats for quite a few guys, too. Yet, I see this as some form of a rarefied handjob. A few people will argue that this is actually no sex, and certainly no gay sex since there is no penetration of any kind.

    Wiki has a good reference here:
    Intercrural sex is sometimes known as the “Princeton First-Year”.[7] The term may refer to a system by which upperclassmen helped new students assimilate to university life in exchange for sexual gratification. A similar system was present at Oxford University, hence the synonym “Oxford Style”[citation needed]. Students at both Oxford and Princeton may have been imitating homosexual practices in ancient Greece, depicted by authors such as Plato and Aristotle.

    In this time and age, I’d go along with this mode, if I desperately wanted to help a str8 dude get some relief… But then, why would I want to do that? :)


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    28 12 2011
    Anonymous (02:10:51) :

    This is so smart!

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    15 01 2012
    Anonymous (18:33:02) :

    Hey, does anybody know who the guy on the orange towel is?
    I’ve seen another pic of him somewhere on Tumblr..he’s just so fuckin’ GREAT…and that cock!!! mmmmh

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    17 10 2013
    hardnwet9 (14:59:36) :

    Damn, that guy has an amazing ass n thighs. Definitely would like to see just how fucking big the cock of that guy on the bottom is. Yeah, I would climb up on both of those fuckers.

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    26 01 2014
    hardnwet9 (13:16:05) :

    both have great assets, would like to see how big that fuckers dick is on the bottom. That’s still a lot of meat poking out on the outside of those thighs.

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