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Blindfolded CL hookup – Hidden Cam

27 11 2011

I don’t think I could do this myself but it does make for a pretty hot fantasy! The camera angle is out of view for parts of it, but the best scenes can still be viewed. Oh, and can I just say that this guy (top) has the sexiest thighs!

From smarcos82:
Posted an ad on Craigslist … got a reply from this dude who wanted me blindfolded and waiting for him … hidden camera, awesome fuck. Wish I had angled it a little differently, so sorry that the cocksucking parts are kind of off screen :-\ Swallowed his load though haha … First time making a video like this, not the best but definitely fun to do.”

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    13 responses to “Blindfolded CL hookup – Hidden Cam”

    27 11 2011
    RW (17:06:19) :

    Is this bravery or stupidity? With all the gay men being killed by Craigslist hookups, I find it quite frightening that this dude would risk his life blindfolded with a stranger. The things this man could have done to him are endless. Yes, it is hot to watch, but he was lucky this clip didn’t wind up as evidence in a homicide.

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    lol Reply:

    @RW, What gay men are those??I have not read about one case yet.I have read about straight women.Stop the drama you can be killed by a BF just as easy

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    27 11 2011
    TG (20:14:48) :

    This was stupid to do….But overall, this was pretty hot, and the top was hot, too….Too bad we didn’t get to see the bottoms face…:(

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    27 11 2011
    DA (20:21:15) :

    RW, I completely agree. As hot as the fantasy of letting go of yourself and allowing someone else to take charge may be, nevertheless, nothing is ever worth compromising your own safety for. Perhaps someone more enlightened than myself could educate me on this, but I never understood the thrill of inviting a complete stranger to your home for sex, let alone inviting a complete stranger whilst your blindfolded. Does the thrill of it heighten sexual experience?

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    27 11 2011
    jemblue (21:34:05) :

    This is totally set up. The top touches him too intimately. It is a scary, but isn’t it just a rape fantasy?

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    28 11 2011
    aluv4men (12:38:02) :

    RT @thebananablog: Blindfolded CL hookup – Hidden Cam

    28 11 2011
    Rob (13:02:41) :

    well he did say tanxs b4 he left

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    28 11 2011
    AssMan (18:46:23) :

    Awe, he said “Bye, thanks.” at the end. I thought he was cute.

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    29 11 2011
    Lawrence (21:48:16) :

    CAn you really get hot guys like that on Craigslist?? he looks damn hot!

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    30 11 2011
    Gay Sex Toys (09:37:40) :

    Very risky. I’m pretty surprised that any guys still do this kind of thing.
    Really HOT top though, and I guess the bottom guy has the evidence left behind if anything does happen to him lol
    Each to their own, but I definitely wouldn’t.

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    11 02 2012
    claudio (21:38:04) :

    i think everybody forget something, this is trust, it’s very scary, but exciting, i did that many times and finally he became a fuckbuddy for almost 4 year, here the bottom was very well serve but the top was filmed and the video end in a very important page (xvideos) and then here in this blog, that son of …. is a whore who deserve a punishment, by law or destiny, it’s a shame that he didn’t show his face but with any problem show the face of this hot and poor guy. that’s why now i only fuck in my house or car. this kind of people make me sick.

    congrat for the blog

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    7 09 2012
    bobby (05:41:05) :

    I agree with Claudio – the bottom is a bitch. what if this sexy top was married or smth – that clip could ruin his life!

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    22 12 2012
    lol (09:25:51) :

    In the end it’s actually really sad he doesn’t give a shit about you or you him.It’s an endless cycle

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