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Secret Bulge Touch

15 11 2011

This video is not really all that sexual and most of you won’t like it. However, I’m posting it because I thought it was pretty humorous and it entertained me for a few minutes :-)

In the following clip a guy is on a public bus (or train) and films himself slowly (and carefully) trying to touch the bulge of the man standing beside him. This takes some serious balls to attempt lol. Look as his fingers sloooowly creeeeeep over and brushes against it haha.

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    9 responses to “Secret Bulge Touch”

    15 11 2011
    RW (22:48:14) :

    Meanwhile, the guy is picking his pocket.

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    hungryboy Reply:

    @RW, perhaps he’s picking not a wallet but something else in his pocket ;)

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    16 11 2011
    grr (20:34:31) :

    got my dick hot haha

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    Anonymous Reply:

    @grr, I wish they post more of scenes like this, that is a turn on.

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    17 11 2011
    AJay (05:10:31) :

    That was hot lol Did the same thing with my football coach back in 12th grade, but he had a boner…how could I resist? XD #truestory

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    Rob Reply:

    @AJay, tell the story sounds hot

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    Mr. S Reply:


    Wow! i want to hear the story too!!

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    momo Reply:

    @Mr. S, His coach was sandusky lol

    25 12 2011
    brussels (08:17:35) :

    waow! J’aimerais bien être à sa place

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