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The Cum Spurt

17 10 2011

I knew when I saw the plastic bag spread across the floor that this was going to be a powerful one! I’m not sure if he edged for a couple hours, just didn’t cum for a week, or does a hundred kegel exercises a day but wow…impressive.

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    15 responses to “The Cum Spurt”

    17 10 2011
    DerryK (19:13:47) :

    Thirteen beautiful spurts – I would have been screaming my head off in ecstasy …

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    17 10 2011
    Winston (19:24:13) :

    I can’t see the player window here,damn it!!!!

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    17 10 2011
    Julian (19:25:12) :

    he puts this in his resume.

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    AL - The Banana Blog Blogger Reply:


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    18 10 2011
    Rick (12:33:54) :

    Dude! Get in me!

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    18 10 2011
    jemblue (18:03:08) :

    Hey, slip and slide. Totally hot.

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    18 10 2011
    DerryK (20:23:49) :

    But he gave no indication whatsoever that he was getting any pleasure from the ejaculations :(

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    Graydon Reply:

    @DerryK, Actually, I have a buddy who comes like this and feels nothing but a sort of muscle squeeze, with no pleasure at all! Bummer, huh?

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    18 10 2011
    Puck (21:00:11) :

    This guy takes cumming seriously, like a competitive sport!

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    19 10 2011
    Ceddy b (07:15:27) :

    @shamama heres something that you might like this boy needs a drop cloth so messy

    21 10 2011
    Shawn (20:10:08) :

    He would earn loyalty points at a sperm bank. Just give him a jug and away he goes.

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    22 04 2012
    aluv4men (13:22:55) :

    RT @thebananablog: The Cum Spurt

    5 06 2012
    Josh (17:44:00) :

    DAM, I would love to see how much further/harder he would come if he was sat on my cock,, shame he wasnt a loud guy,, would have been hotter still.

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    7 12 2012
    SivasRay (13:03:36) :

    RT that a shot i want the same @ButchDixon

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