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23 08 2011

I woke up this morning, turned on the TV & PS3 and began browsing through Netflix’s every growing awful! instant queue in hopes of finding something interesting to watch. I then noticed in my “Recently Added Movies” section a film called Focus/Refocus. To be honest, it’s the hot cover that showed half naked men on it that got my attention first, lol.

Anyway, as the beginning credits began to role I noticed that the movie was produced by Raging Stallion studios. I’m familiar with Raging Stallion producing hardcore gay porn so I was pleasantly surprised to see anything from them on Netflix! While I don’t know how the NY Times would review it, I actually really enjoyed it! It has some of the hottest, albeit heavily censored on Netflix, sex scenes I’ve seen. Also, the story wasn’t that bad either since I actually sat down and watched the entire movie in one sitting, lol!

The movie stars my two new obsessions, Cole Streets and David Taylor. Here’s a preview of it :-)

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If you have Netflix you can watch the highly censored version of it on instant view, however, I recommend you check it out in all of its uncensored glory!

Watch the full uncensored version here:
♥ Watch ‘Focus’ (uncensored) in The Banana Blog Theater instantly. Click Here

♥ Watch ‘Refocus’ (uncensored) in The Banana Blog Theater instantly. Click Here.

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    12 responses to “Focus/Refocus”

    23 08 2011
    Toast (22:28:22) :

    I had the pleasure of working at a porn shop, and rented this movie… Still one of my faves.

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    24 08 2011
    Anonymous (01:33:22) :

    … great acting too.

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    24 08 2011
    Hey (03:13:06) :

    For whatever reason, though this clip is just a bit over two minutes, the JW Player is loading everything so slowly. I don’t get why.

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    Toast Reply:

    @Hey, assuming everything is fine with your internet connection (as is with mine) it’s probably the website that the vid is being hosted off of.

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    AL - The Banana Blog Blogger Reply:

    @Toast, Thanks! How much do I owe you for that? :)

    Also, if you have problems loading videos it may be due to the amount of people on the blog at the time. At the bottom of the blog you can see how many people are currently online, if it’s over 170+ then it may cause a little video degradation for a bit.


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    sam Reply:

    @AL – The Banana Blog Blogger, i find that since you started using this player they load a lot slower :)

    AL - The Banana Blog Blogger Reply:

    @sam – Thanks for the feedback. I will look into it. At the moment I’m not 100% sure what the problem with the player could be or if it is potentially something else.

    24 08 2011
    Scott (10:32:26) :

    It’s interesting that this came up……no pun intended. I watched the movie from Net Flix just the other night. Really injoyed it.

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    26 08 2011
    Mike A. (01:22:32) :

    Movie has been removed from instant queue, So I searched for it…. No longer available, DVD only… Wth!

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    AL - The Banana Blog Blogger Reply:

    @Mike A. – Yup, I noticed that this morning as well. I suppose they realized what this movie actually was and didn’t want that type of content freely available through instant watch. No doubt someone complained.

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    10 12 2011
    ken (01:34:59) :
    7 12 2012
    Anonymous (06:13:22) :

    OMG the long haired guy lived in my old building in North Hollywood!!

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