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Reverse Cowboy

16 08 2011

I like this clip but I have to say that really my favorite part of it is the position at the end. I suppose you would call it a “reverse cowboy“. Unfortunately, there is no money shot. Perhaps I’ll come across part 2 at some point.

The Banana Blog - Reverse Cowboy

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    11 responses to “Reverse Cowboy”

    17 08 2011
    royco (01:36:35) :

    Two beautiful boys having a very sexy fuck – would love to see pt2

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    17 08 2011
    TenSai (01:52:02) :

    Macarena…really? I fapped to the music…LMAO!!! BUT HOT NON THE LESS!!!

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    17 08 2011
    Gay Sex Toys (05:44:11) :

    Lovely, just very hot!

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    17 08 2011
    jeff (07:20:39) :

    That’s not how you do the Macarena!!!

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    17 08 2011
    foreverhorny (12:50:11) :

    exactly what i was gonna say, “macarena” really cheesy song for having sex, lol hot guys though

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    18 08 2011
    Anonymous (12:09:35) :

    BAHAH. Lawl at Macarena! He kind of goes along to the beat of it which really kills me.

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    18 08 2011
    jemblue (13:38:49) :

    That is “Un cosa buena” (a good thing). Hell yeah, that is the perfect song. Move those hips. Beautiful cocks too.

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    19 08 2011
    Julio (12:20:14) :

    I don’t know what was more gay, the sex or Madonna playing in the background

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    bambi Reply:


    best comment.

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    27 08 2011
    sunom (08:51:39) :

    where is p2

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    9 10 2011
    William Kent (18:03:54) :

    RT @thebananablog: Reverse Cowboy

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