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Hawaiian Sunbathing

24 07 2011

I’ve spent the entire weekend complaining about how hot it is outside! Then I’m reminded that without it, things like this wouldn’t be possible…:)

Description from the video: “Huge beach balls. Horny marine is sun-bathing in Hawaii. His cock and big heavy balls appear to be loaded.”

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    15 responses to “Hawaiian Sunbathing”

    24 07 2011
    ErikP (08:48:41) :

    Nice butt, cool tools too <"3 dont you just want to f*ck him up goooooood ? Or the other way around.. anything playing with him will do.. yumm

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    24 07 2011
    DerryK (11:08:32) :

    Hope he did not get a bad sunburn on his meat and two veg …

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    TannedWillie Reply:

    @DerryK, People always worry about that, but there’s usually no problem if you use common sense and take sensible precautions while sunbathing. If you use sunscreen and gradually increase the amount of time you spend naked in the sun, there’s actually no greater risk of getting sunburned down there than anywhere else on the body. In fact, in my experience at least, the genitals always seem to tan darker and faster than anywhere else on the entire body. Hence my infamous screen name! ;-)

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    Anonymous Reply:

    @TannedWillie, It’s due to the vascular nature of the genitalia…it’s there to to protect…. like the police! ;)

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    24 07 2011
    Kay81 (11:28:31) :

    Bye, i Fly now to Hawaii ;)

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    24 07 2011
    Zeze Ruiz (18:24:47) :

    RT @thebananablog: Hawaiian Sunbathing

    24 07 2011
    Mark (22:40:59) :

    The male figure…beautiful!

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    25 07 2011
    tye (01:28:41) :

    what a nice ass.

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    25 07 2011
    jocko (11:05:56) :

    HOTTEST 1:34 I’ve ever seen on here damn HOT MARINE (and that’s sayin something I like em all LOL)

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    25 07 2011
    sad (18:24:13) :

    I can only view 7 seconds of the video… tried downloading the .flv file but it didn’t worked as well… now I’m sad I can’t watch Mr. eight wonder here.
    Is there a source for this video?

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    26 07 2011
    jemblue (15:57:19) :

    Somehow I think he knows someone is filming him. He does however have a beautiful cock and a perfect bod. Yum!

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    31 07 2011
    Critic (11:04:20) :

    He’s completely shaved. Clearly, he’s glad Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is over!

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    Anonymous Reply:

    @Critic, liked the clip but NOT into clippin’ what’s natural!

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    10 12 2011
    ken (01:49:15) :

    d u like this?

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    3 06 2012
    HomoErectus (20:22:59) :

    The heat of the sun always makes my nuts relax and hang down real low like that too… at least until they draw up real tight to shoot a huge fuckin’ load all over the place.

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