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The Door Cum

20 06 2011

I remember when I was younger I used think it hurt when you ejaculated…ok, obviously I was very young! lol. I probably came to that idea after watching my first porn video and seeing guys in it make sounds like this :)

On a side note, I would hate to be this guys house keeper! …or would I? haha.

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    26 responses to “The Door Cum”

    20 06 2011
    tk-70 (19:14:52) :

    okay was the normal ! i’d hat to have my mouth wrapped around that each time talk about drowning ! but HOT non the less ! Thks for posting sexy !

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    21 06 2011
    Fred (00:21:03) :

    Holy crap! That was very nice! Kudos on this guy’s stamina and multiple-cumshots-ability.

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    21 06 2011
    Anonymous (01:51:49) :

    …. i don’t understand how that’s humanly possible. Hot… but wtf!?

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    21 06 2011
    finn (05:13:24) :

    I like that he’s got a smaller weiner – so cute.

    Also, from the view in the mirror, it looks like he might be asian. Can anyone confirm by sharing other videos by this man?

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    21 06 2011
    Darius (05:37:26) :

    Yes, he is Asian, actually Japanese (it is the few words he uses before the first cumshot!). Say what you want about Asians and their smaller dicks, but they stay rock hard and can cum multiple times!!! Have experienced this myself too – way better than those big 10inch monsters that never get really hard and just drip cum at the end.

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    Anonymous Reply:

    @Darius, ….he said “oh god” =.= so no, not Japanese because of what the English you misheard. However, he is Asian because of his slightly darker genitals, dark nipples and olive skin tone.

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    AJay Reply:

    @Anonymous, I was going to say the same thing lol Though could tell he was Asian by his posture alone…too many Asian friends, I guess…lol

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    Nan Reply:

    @AJay, I have seen severial vedios like this one in asian porn site,but not this guy.Some people are…well…talented

    21 06 2011
    Anonymous (18:24:50) :

    who cares?
    id like to get all that cum in my face >-<

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    21 06 2011
    Will (18:36:12) :

    Good Lord! He must have been “saving up” for a whole month! What a shame no one was there to help him with it. How could someone that talented NOT have a boyfriend?!

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    21 06 2011
    Perv (20:15:51) :

    Damn. He cums more, and shoots further than a lot of guys, even on the third go-around.

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    21 06 2011
    NiceToolPGH (22:03:04) :

    dude… i’d swallow that…once…twice…thrice…

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    22 06 2011
    D-nice (17:28:48) :


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    22 06 2011
    Hey (20:24:21) :

    Little, but powerful. I honestly don’t even know how that’s physically possible.

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    22 06 2011
    jemblue (21:24:12) :

    He cummed three times. Wheww, now that is a true Picasso.

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    23 06 2011
    Anonymous (08:42:25) :

    I like that at 3:06 you can see part of his face :)

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    Anonymous Reply:

    @, Anonymous: I don’t think that’s actually his face. I think it’s the face of the evil spirit to whom he traded his soul in exchange for the ability to cum three times in one session. Seriously, look at it. It appears only vaguely human.

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    25 06 2011
    The King of Israel (00:05:28) :

    תמונות מומלצות של גמירה. יש שימוש בצעצוע… מה דעתכם על הגמירות? RT @thebananablog: The Door Cum

    27 06 2011
    pnoplayer (09:13:15) :

    Unbelievable! Housekeeper, window washer, cook, assistant, I don’t care, I’ll do it!

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    3 07 2011
    Nab (13:08:58) :

    Fucking hot! Oh to be in my 20s again! lol

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    15 07 2011
    Phuck Me (06:58:08) :

    YES!!!!!! That was fucking hot! I want to be able to do that!

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    8 09 2011
    Jason (13:50:31) :

    oh my gosh!!! imagine taking that cumshot while deepthroating?

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    17 09 2011
    Gay Porn and Weed (06:26:38) :

    RT @thebananablog: The Door Cum

    26 09 2011
    fetish (15:12:35) :

    !!!! That was awesome! Very awesome…I can come multiple times (since I’m a girl) but not without hands. I want to be that door.

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    27 03 2012
    「Ribidibidis」 (22:10:19) :

    @Masaki_Koh ya slut

    9 07 2012
    Tjr (11:58:54) :

    R u kidding. 3?!!!!

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