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Hanging on the Beach

27 03 2011

I’m a big fan of public voyeur vids. Especially the ones like this that feature well hung, tall muscular men. Really, nothing special happens in this one, however, I liked it so it’s getting posted :) The only out of the ordinary thing is when he starts pulling on his pubes…I swear I thought he was trying to braid them at first lol.

If you ask me, when you begin to be able to braid your pubes it might be time for a light shave. Just sayin’! haha

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    12 responses to “Hanging on the Beach”

    28 03 2011
    The Banana Blog (05:07:42) :

    I love public voyeur vids. Especially ones featuring hung, muscular men :)

    28 03 2011
    kraut (13:50:12) :

    when you are built that perfectly and are that well endowed its your public duty to show it off …. would have been nice to see the face ….

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    29 03 2011
    Flying Cocks (13:26:08) :

    I love public voyeur videos too ;-)

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    29 03 2011
    bigdickpana (15:01:46) :

    He’s picking the sand out of his pubic hair. If you have that kind of hair you know that whether its on your head or your cock, if sand gets in it it starts to itch. That’s what he’s doing. Not playing or braiding. He’s just being human.

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    AL - The Banana Blog Blogger Reply:

    Yup. Trust me, from experience, I know :-)

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    30 03 2011
    So What? (11:03:12) :

    Scientific studies have shown the male body hair (on chest and pubic region) stimulate sexual desire at a higher rate than their shaved body counterparts. Why? Because it is thought that the presence of increased hair may signal increased physical (and/or social) virility in men being an alpha male to better safeguard the woman and produce more dominant children.

    What are you talking about is a grooming fad originally produced by the shaving of women in modern pornography for straight men in the 1980s. Transferred to gay men in the 1990s, and to straight men themselves in 2000s.

    I like men natural. Being a “fadster”, who knows what you’ll like 5 or 10 years from now… lol !

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    31 03 2011
    RW (17:29:30) :

    I swear I thought he was trying to braid them at first lol.

    Al, this one’s for you, baby:

    Cornrows WHY?

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    AL - The Banana Blog Blogger Reply:

    @RW, LOL – Omg. I wonder if I could get my barber to do that to my pubes as well haha!

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    joe Reply:

    @RW, oh my good that is nasty… nice cock but cornrows like that just made me burst out yelling “oh no… that is nasty.”

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    6 04 2011
    Toño (19:01:27) :

    Estos si son huevos de cabrones.

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    19 04 2011
    joe (20:37:48) :

    that was a nice engorged cock he had… i wonder what was going on in that tent.

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    Roy Reply:

    @joe, Well probably nothing, because the guys aren’t getting aroused at all. But nevertheless, it’s always nice to see a big hanger between a man’s legs.

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