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The Married Man

23 02 2011

I don’t frequent Xtube very often these days, however when I do I usually run across 1 or 2 vids that I find pretty hot. Here’s one I came across called “Slam[m]ing A Married Dude”, and boy does he get slammed! I don’t know but I think his wife should be suspicious when he’s limping and holding his ass the next day. Just a thought! lol.

Here is more from the description: Fucking dis greek guy while his wife n kid, visit grandma …”str8 me” lolwatsgud

Btw, is it just me or does it look like they are in the kids bedroom? Scandalous! :)

What about you – ever been with a married man?

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    31 responses to “The Married Man”

    23 02 2011
    Drid25 (20:27:28) :

    Oh. My. God! I watched this twice, first time I did not even touch myself….my jaw just dropped. It makes me wonder if the married man can slam his wife the way he is getting slammed! lol

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    AL - The Banana Blog Blogger Reply:

    @Drid25, Awesome! that’s how this video was meant to be watched lol

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    23 02 2011
    Sam (21:41:44) :

    Love to see a Man who Loves His Work! Yes, I’ve been screwed by many a Married Man! They all seem to NEED with Passion what my Asshole can deliver! I;m always GLAD to be of Service!

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    24 02 2011
    SilverRRCloud (00:51:30) :

    This looks like the m2m sex from the bygone times. Two guys would get together to have sex. One dude was topping and the other dude was bottoming. That was the deal and no one expected anything else. The top dude was proud of his slamming prowess and the bottom dude was proud of how much pounding he was able to take. At some point they’d shoot their loads, shower and move on. No drama, no mind plays, no “we are now in love and want to get married” stuff. No strings attached. Simply, pure, unadulterated sex. Totally refreshing:)


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    Jon Reply:

    @SilverRRCloud, How is that “totally refreshing”?
    Maybe because I’m still in my 20s but every guy I meet describes exactly what you just said….majority just want a BJ and move on, no strings attached. That’s far from refreshing.

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    joe Reply:

    @Jon, i think he’s referring to how refreshing it is sometimes to drop all pretense and just fuck. some people enjoy not really doing the whole song n dance to get into someone’s pants. I mean who hasn’t pretended to be interested in some cutie’s stupid opinions just so they can see them naked? and if you say you’ve never done that, then you’re the one who was the dumb cutie.

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    24 02 2011
    Anonymous (02:52:26) :

    are those children’s toys on the wall?

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    24 02 2011
    AJay (03:40:58) :

    That’s so fucked up… How’re you gonna have gay sex in the baby’s room…ON the baby’s bed?! *DEAD*

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    24 02 2011
    Jamie T (03:58:04) :

    Fuck I need to get pounded like this right now… The top is a fucking stud…

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    24 02 2011
    fred (04:45:43) :

    LOL The bottom’s voice was a big turn-off for me.

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    24 02 2011
    l (20:34:35) :

    I have been with a married man before, and let me tell you guys, it was pretty HOT.. he was fit ex – military. he had a fine ass body and an awesome cock… :)

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    26 02 2011
    Chris (21:17:12) :

    Love the squeaking bed

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    26 02 2011
    Nicolas (23:03:43) :

    Wow… I need a fuck like this… one or maybe two! Mmmm…..

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    28 02 2011
    brian (08:09:30) :

    This is some HOT man sex. So intense. Love hearing the bottom guy being vocal. That makes it more exciting. I would open my hole anytime for this top guy. Love it how he slams hard and deep. Near the end of the vid, the top guy rotates his ass so good. I can just feel his cock doing that inside my ass. HOT!

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    28 02 2011
    cumlovernj (18:55:38) :

    WOW! Just hearing the bottom as he was getting pounded made my cock so fucking hard , had to view it again and waited to the end to let go as they did, had one of the most intense orgasm, this clip is HOT

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    1 03 2011
    royco (10:22:36) :

    Loved the foreplay! hehe – Wam Bam Thank You Man

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    1 03 2011
    miguel (12:22:36) :

    Not 2 my knowledge…

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    2 03 2011
    me (07:29:28) :

    Love the way the top is rucking him and giving him directions .
    Now that’s the way a top show FUCK

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    9 03 2011
    Sergio (23:20:34) :


    …looks like his daughter’s room.

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    24 03 2011
    D-nice (13:25:27) :

    whats their name on xtube? lol

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    D-nice Reply:

    @D-nice, and yes i have messed with a married man….and im still fuckin wit him lol

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    15 04 2011
    CocoaBttm (23:20:08) :

    hell, i got next dammit!

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    14 05 2011
    Big_Papi (09:10:28) :

    That sex was hot but yet its so sad that the wife is clueless that her husband is gay and is lying to himself being in a heterosexual marriage. Also how can you even think of having sex on your child’s bed??? That is so wrong

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    20 06 2011
    awwww (17:28:42) :

    aw damn…. don’t make no sense… sexy tho…

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    24 03 2012
    luis (13:33:36) :

    RT @thebananablog: The Married Man hola buenos dias ..kiero aun macho que me coja asi…al final que rico se mueve

    2 08 2012
    ghoulinheat (04:42:23) :

    The Banana Blog | The Married Man

    15 10 2012
    whale bone (08:43:59) :

    @thebananablog: The Married Man

    23 04 2013
    steven (22:29:05) :

    me next. amazing fuck

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    12 09 2013
    Likes it Rough, Fed Twice | GAYGRAVYTATION (18:32:04) :

    […] I know the guy is married, but at least he isn’t as bad as this guy! […]

    12 09 2013
    Likes it Rough, Fed Twice | GAYPORTALBLOG (18:32:56) :

    […] I know the guy is married, but at least he isn’t as bad as this guy! […]

    15 09 2013
    Troy (18:47:54) :

    Man, this is the kind of sex I like to be having with my boyfriend (whoever he’s gonna be) I like to give a good pound and need a guy that can take it really good.

    If he wasn’t fucking this guy, he’d be fucking someone else.

    Besides, why is it only in porn people get so self righteous and never in the middle of a situation that calls for it?

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