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Cop Fantasy

16 02 2011

This one is for all the guys that have either a cop fantasy or muscle fantasy (or are huge fans of Bjork!). It’s sort of a combination of all of them.

Note: No cops were hurt during the making of this film. However, 2 robberies and a car jacking did go unnoticed. :)

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    13 responses to “Cop Fantasy”

    15 02 2011
    Jon (11:30:29) :

    I think I saw this on xtube. Amazing video, I’d join if I were to see two amaazingly hott guys making out in public. ;P

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    15 02 2011
    Rob (12:51:45) :

    what film is this from? i would like 2 rent it. thanks.

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    15 02 2011
    victor m lopez (16:10:33) :

    Please let me know
    about the purchase of
    Cop fantasy

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    19 02 2011
    AJay (03:40:49) :

    This was kinda weird to me…lol

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    19 02 2011
    AL - The Banana Blog Blogger (15:46:49) :

    Hey guys, sorry – I’m not sure what full video this is promoting or where to obtain it. If anyone knows, please post it in the comments here.



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    Aaron Reply:

    @AL – The Banana Blog Blogger, I wanna meet u

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    Mark B Reply:

    @Aaron, my email address is

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    19 02 2011
    joe (15:59:51) :


    Lil old lady: hello officers i just got my purse stolen! hello!!! hey!!!
    oh my!!!!

    cops start making out and “army of me” begins to play.

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    22 02 2011
    SF (20:43:35) :

    This was filmed at Van Ness/Market in SF. I know that Walgreens! And there’s a subway stop right there (the escalator/stairs bit).

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    13 03 2011
    Terteb (02:46:56) :

    I remember seeing this video on they have an entire channel i can’t find it!

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    9 04 2011
    Judex (04:13:40) :

    Hey, Army of Me by Bjork.

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    23 04 2011
    Lance (17:44:47) :

    Looks like a spillover from Dore Alley. You gotta wonder how it was filmed. I suppose the public scenes were mostly undressing and kissing. The banging scenes done undercover. Really like the pace of it, and it shows that artistry can have it all over shots of the bung hole and splattering cum. Must be the romantic in me.

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    30 03 2012
    Mark B (07:34:44) :

    I wannt meet you, I need a fuck!

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