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The Fu*k

21 01 2011

As I was browsing online yesterday I stumbled across this clip. I’ve been looking for a great hardcore sex clip to add to the blog so I think this one will fit in nicely :-)

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    22 responses to “The Fu*k”

    21 01 2011
    brian (23:18:43) :

    HOT SEX! Love it. Nice huge cock inside a hot tight ass. Love seeing a guy cum. The bottom is very sexy too. Wish I was him there.

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    22 01 2011
    DerryK (11:07:04) :

    Wonderfully intense barebacking mansex … both guys loving every second of it …

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    22 01 2011
    Chuck (11:50:04) :


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    22 01 2011
    Guillermo (14:02:07) :

    excellent homevideo …WOW !!!!!!!!!

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    23 01 2011
    Mark (01:18:47) :

    I love a man with a nice, supple, round ass! And the top has one! Great video and hot!!

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    23 01 2011
    Anonymous (11:11:30) :

    why is it always the french guy that gets it

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    Bob Reply:


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    23 01 2011
    MALLORCA (22:32:15) :

    mmmm¡¡¡ very hot sex in the dark¡¡ VERY HOT¡¡

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    24 01 2011
    Anonymous (02:35:45) :

    où est la bibliothèque?

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    24 01 2011
    ozforeskin (07:01:27) :

    Seeing that big sausage sliding out of the hole at the end and flopping about was worth the price of admission alone!

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    25 01 2011
    stunned (21:15:24) :

    Took my breath away… Wow! Now that’s one hell of meat and loads of cum…

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    26 01 2011
    Alex (13:12:15) :

    Wooow… that was fucking amazing!!
    BTW… anybody knows the song that’s playing along? I’ve been trying to find it.
    After I heard the music, it blew my mind even more! Thnx.

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    James Reply:

    @Alex, Let Me Think About It – Ida Corr.. and man, the top is fucking hot!

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    29 01 2011
    Gay Xtube (10:57:35) :

    STUDS / I'm Big And Your Tight – The Fu*k – (Free Gay Porn Video 8min)

    31 01 2011
    me (09:12:15) :
    13 02 2011
    maidi (06:55:56) :

    i can’t see it with iPhone. What a pity!

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    18 02 2011
    nctony (13:56:09) :


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    10 05 2011
    Anonymous (22:48:30) :

    wooowwweee!!! whew, i needed that!

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    27 05 2011
    Phuck Me (09:52:49) :

    I wish I were that bottom right now – feeling that big cock fucking me deep. I’m sure it felt great.

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    6 07 2011
    Anonymous (23:49:47) :

    just the sound they made was kinda funny… that took me out

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    16 05 2012
    aluv4men (11:27:22) :

    RT @thebananablog: The Fu*k

    3 06 2013
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