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Swinging Dick

29 12 2010

When I go to the gym I go to strictly work out! ← lol, I can barely type that and keep a straight face.

We all have to admit that at times eye candy can be contributing factor. I mean, wouldn’t something like this through your focus off just a bit?:

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    18 responses to “Swinging Dick”

    29 12 2010
    Anonymous (20:13:06) :

    Love it! I also enjoy going to the gymn to see the studs…

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    29 12 2010
    MarkusX (20:56:12) :

    I KNOW his balls must be hurtin

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    Anonymous Reply:

    Ain’t that the truth! It almost kinda hurt to watch!

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    29 12 2010
    max (22:46:33) :

    OMFG he has to know that his dick is like falling out! Come on! there at least has to be a draft down there or something!

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    30 12 2010
    Rhodie (01:06:20) :

    man I want that love muscle down my throat…………..

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    30 12 2010
    Ropes (07:26:33) :


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    30 12 2010
    Kyler (11:49:22) :

    This is really freaking sexy. However, that probably really hurt.

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    30 12 2010
    kyle (16:45:39) :

    I think I see Jane Fonda in between frames.

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    2 01 2011
    Anonymous (01:42:26) :


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    3 01 2011
    fred (16:01:26) :

    eh. i prefer growers to showers… this one seems to be a have a flaccid “hard-on”, i guess.

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    4 01 2011
    malevices (21:38:32) :

    Workout tip: ALWAYS put on a show for onlookers!!

    14 01 2011
    estevan (23:44:43) :

    who is this? does anyone know? i wanna stalk him! hahaha

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    10 02 2011
    20 07 2011
    Roland Berger (15:12:09) :

    RT @thebananablog: Swinging Dick

    17 08 2011
    Packaged_Meat (04:28:22) :

    And they say that male bodybuilders have small dicks……..well now

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    28 12 2011
    z (11:34:44) :

    nice big uncut penis. why wear shorts? I like watching it jump and move

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    20 05 2013
    MJ (07:05:47) :

    To bad the link to the site doesn’t work anymore..

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    14 02 2014
    Anonymous (11:40:15) :

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