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Latin Facial

11 12 2010

Well I’ve searched high and low for a couple vids to post. It’s slim pickings sometime. I did however run across this one which I thought was pretty good. I’ve seen this guys videos quite a few times in the past but have never actually posted one. I liked the facial at the end :)

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Related Site: Check out more like this at Bi Latin Men.

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    26 responses to “Latin Facial”

    11 12 2010
    Scott (08:58:41) :

    That man was hungry for it!

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    11 12 2010
    Kraut (09:12:49) :

    Perfect blowjob … that is how its done !

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    11 12 2010
    Anonymous (09:57:29) :

    Damn that guy has a gorgeous dick

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    11 12 2010
    random commenter (12:11:47) :

    that guy is a pro, wish i could suck as good as he is.

    diego and shay from fratpad! two of the most gorgeous guys on porn. gotta feature this next


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    11 12 2010
    Francisco (16:54:22) :

    Where can i see more of this two guys?? plzz tell me!

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    12 12 2010
    joe (01:44:02) :

    lol, oh my god i live a mile or two down the freeway from him. good head from what i hear.

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    12 12 2010
    LatinGuy (01:49:20) :

    The vid doesn’t wanna play on my iTouch. :/

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    12 12 2010
    Kraut (11:13:34) :

    Great BJ but sure would have liked to see more of the boy .. I understand he did not want to show his face but he could have taken of his top and let us see some pecs and washboard stomach

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    12 12 2010
    d (20:19:10) :
    13 12 2010
    Jack (04:12:38) :

    The vid does not play on my iPhone 4 al -.-

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    AL - The Banana Blog Blogger Reply:

    @Jack, Hey there Jack. You’re right. Something is wrong with the vid that is preventing it from playing. I’m not sure what it is right now so I’m removing the iphone tag until I get it fixed.

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    13 12 2010
    roger (11:15:25) :

    the submissive guy in this video has made lots of good vids which you can view on type in his name in the xtube searchbox as “robaroni”===then lean back and enjoy===

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    13 12 2010
    AL - The Banana Blog Blogger (15:36:32) :

    @ roger, thanks for sharing buddy!

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    13 12 2010
    Sephy (16:20:38) :

    Yeah…no thanks. Not doing it for me. He kinda creeps me out.

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    13 12 2010
    Kraut (20:37:25) :

    What makes it LATIN ? I see no latinos

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    13 12 2010
    Anonymous (22:21:45) :

    That’s a Latin dick. Wake up.

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    LatinGuy Reply:

    Agreed! :)

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    14 12 2010
    Mac (22:18:06) :

    Cocksuckers need to learn: it’s not that great to have the cocksucker shove it all the way down and keep it there. It feels way better when you’re moving. Suck it, then dip all the way down slowly and back it out again. None of this jamming it the last half inch stuff. Suck cock, don’t do parlor tricks.

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    Anonymous Reply:

    @Mac, hilarious

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    15 12 2010
    Anonymous (22:50:35) :

    Not working on my iPhone :/

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    17 12 2010
    Sleazy (18:59:55) :

    Love a good blow from an older guy…

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    29 01 2011
    Gay Xtube (11:14:06) :

    STUDS / Young Latin Gives Dad A Facial –

    4 04 2011
    Michael (12:12:57) :

    The cocksucker’s name is Rob and he lives in San Diego. He’s got a Lifeout account and he’s always looking for hot men to suck or fuck him.

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    2 12 2011
    aluv4men (07:55:25) :

    RT @thebananablog: Latin Facial

    11 11 2012
    houtx48 (18:29:33) :

    Was that Sheldon Copper sucking dick?

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    23 11 2012
    Stealth Facial (01:55:19) :

    [...] I can't agree more about amateur. The Banana Blog | Latin Facial [...]

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