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Random: Lane (Big Brother 12)

6 09 2010

Check out this short clip of Lane from Big Brother 12. Lane is a 24 YO southern boy from Decatur, Texas and likes to pretend that he’s NOT jerking off in the shower when the cameras are rolling lol. Unfortunately, because we’re all expert masturbators here, he’s not fooling us!

Note: This one contains no frontal nudity or money shot, I just thought it was humorous (and erotic) to see him stroke one out while the cameras were rolling.

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Btw, you can tell he’s about to cum at the 1:00min mark. I know those orgasmic mannerisms oh to well ;)


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    16 responses to “Random: Lane (Big Brother 12)”

    8 09 2010
    Frankg (23:26:54) :

    Wow that is still freaking hot. Just imagine the camerman just standing there watching this, haha

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    Ben Reply:

    @Frankg, There are no manned camera’s in Big Brother. They are using distant controlled camera’s.

    No he’s not jerking LOL clearly you can see he’s trying hard not to show he’s jerking, what a jerk.

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    9 09 2010
    9 09 2010
    ilikecok (22:57:55) :

    Too bad he’s a homophobic asshole.

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    respect Reply:

    @ilikecok, he isn’t, trust me. The kid just has been raised with the ideas that STRAIGHT MEN, such as Matt, don’t tell guys about “gay dreams.” It’s people like you, who call homophobic anytime a straight person opens their mouth, that spreads the hate for no reason. Tolerance is a two-way street.

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    ilikecok Reply:

    @respect, Or you know he’s made homophobic comments such as he can barely tolerate fags and he and another contestant were making fun of the gay cast member saying he probably spends his time trying to stick wine bottles up his ass. He’s also said being gay is something that should be kept private so spare me the ridiculous calling anyone straight homophobic. I’m calling him homophobic based on his homophobic comments.

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    10 09 2010
    Credo Lewd (01:33:14) :

    “Too bad he’s a homophobic asshole.”

    Is he? I’ve never watched a full episode of Big Brother. He’s certainly a hottie. Does he really imagine no one can tell he’s choking the chicken? I LOVE how at the end he checks his hands to make sure all the cum is off.

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    10 09 2010
    Viktor Stratovski (12:24:36) :

    He needs help!

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    10 09 2010
    gloss (17:32:29) :


    i think he cums at 1:10… funny he even washes his right hand at the end to get rid of any cum on it!

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    11 09 2010
    starguy (00:12:55) :

    Has anyone noticed that ENZO has beed freeballin it last week? Or was it just me?

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    15 09 2010
    jrim (01:05:36) :

    no video showing.

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    15 09 2010
    BananaBlogger (10:26:25) :

    Hey I found a link with the video on it. The one on this page says that it is not found.

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    Anonymous Reply:

    @BananaBlogger, thanks !!

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    16 09 2010
    still virgin (20:28:29) :

    i cant open the video..why?

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    24 10 2010
    Anonymous (09:35:02) :

    I love how subtle he is lol

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    21 07 2012
    Kaytee (22:08:28) :

    @grimsleyyy @JunDishes and if you need a refresher course.. lol

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