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Like Milking a Cow

6 09 2010

Woah. This guy is giving cum shot legend Peter North a run for his money. I take it he’s on a steady diet of Zinc for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If not, what’s his secret!?

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    20 responses to “Like Milking a Cow”

    25 10 2010
    DerryK (05:34:44) :

    Beautiful loads ;)

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    25 10 2010
    brian (06:59:22) :

    Great cum shots. Love the guy in the chair shot. Huge!

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    25 10 2010
    Alex (09:12:02) :

    With me, it gets up to 11 seconds, then it loads and doesn’t start again…

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    25 10 2010
    Anonymous (17:00:43) :

    i want to eat/drink it all up!!!

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    26 10 2010
    Toast (10:04:39) :
    27 10 2010
    Rick (11:13:17) :

    I am in LOVE! They are both beautiful and obviously enjoy each other quite a bit. I would love to feel both of those loads on me.

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    27 10 2010
    Jeff (13:04:18) :

    How do you increase your amount of cum to blow like that? Zinc? Seriously? Hott!!!!

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    Dei Reply:

    @Jeff, I would love to know myself. If you find out anything that works, please let me know. I was told to drink lots of water. Dei

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    27 10 2010
    ranall (14:47:30) :

    Oh My FUCKING God !!!.. I didn’t think that is humanly possible!!

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    29 10 2010
    Abel (01:50:03) :

    J’adore ! Magnifique !

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    13 11 2010
    ranall (12:35:06) :

    I love jacking off to this video.. Dreaming of that massive load in my ass!!

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    17 11 2010
    LatinGuy (01:41:10) :

    The guy with the bigger dick reminds me of a guy I regularly fantasized in my math class. Sure brings back good memories. Not to mention forskin. Great vid.

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    6 01 2011
    jaguar (06:17:40) :

    very hot. great cum!!!

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    21 01 2011
    Anonymous (19:14:13) :

    hot fucking cumshots!

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    9 02 2011
    Martyb72 (17:56:18) :

    Wow! I’d have taken all of that in my mouth…

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    28 03 2011
    Nab (20:50:00) :

    Wow! Just, wow! Love watching a guy cum and those two are hot!

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    17 11 2011
    wilfredo (18:23:51) :

    love does videos make me cummm

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    15 12 2011
    Renaud (21:50:20) :

    Both my friends from France and great fuck buddies!!! ;o)

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    2 08 2012
    Strokey The Bear (23:05:28) :

    The Banana Blog | Like Milking a Cow

    16 06 2013
    LIB (16:50:56) :

    I would love to lick all that jizz off of his freckles!! Ugh he’s so fucking hot! Where the fuck did this video come from? I

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