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Alexey Lesukov

18 04 2010

This video is for all the guys out there that love MUSCLE. It contains no sex – it’s just a behind the scenes look at IFBB ’08 – International Federation of Body Building.

I’m posting this for a couple more reasons as well: (1) Alexey Lesukov has a near perfect ass (remember, I’m an ass man!), (2) It features a brief funny moment of fellow body builder Tomas checking out Alexey’s ass [check it out at 2min 12sec mark].

Note to Tomas: If you’re going to check out another dudes ass, do it like the rest of us…take quick two second glances..avoid long and lingering stares — it gives you away every time lol.

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    10 responses to “Alexey Lesukov”

    19 04 2010
    Anonymous (05:53:21) :

    Looks like a dressing area for the orcs in LOTR…

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    19 04 2010
    Alan Smithee (08:25:31) :

    Yeah and one of the orcs is banging with an Amazing @ss that everybody kept trying to sneak a peak at. The smart ones just took pictures because they know that gift will keep on giving.

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    20 04 2010
    Anonymous (14:01:46) :


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    21 04 2010
    CountChocula (01:22:43) :

    The guy looking is in gay porn — Tanek from Jake Cruise

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    22 04 2010
    SumInMyEye (13:50:33) :

    Black folks are like WTF is going on here???

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    4 07 2010
    dan (11:37:17) :

    That stud he’s watching is so fucking cute.

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    2 08 2010
    Anonymous (21:00:27) :
    29 08 2010
    Rex (08:57:53) :

    Yes Tomas is a famous gay porn boy and obviously loves Russsian ass hole

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    8 12 2010
    xXxAC1998 (01:11:14) :

    HOT clip. If only they were naked.

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    13 11 2011
    TG (18:30:12) :

    I like how Tomas looks at his ass, but then looks back at the camera with a quick smile. Almost as if to say, ” Yup! I was staring at that!”…lol.

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