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Bi-Sex Married Man

8 01 2010

Now, you are to believe that a bi-married man has agreed to secretly drop by and fuck a gay guy in the ass. However, I’m pretty sure that this clip is of porn stars FRANCESCO DE MACHO (who is basically SEX on legs in my opinion!) and his husband/boyfriend DAMIEN CROSSE (though they may have broken up). Expect more of Francesco soon!

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    36 responses to “Bi-Sex Married Man”

    8 01 2010
    Chad (03:06:24) :


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    tiago Reply:

    Brasilian Boy

    19 anos

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    Anonymous Reply:

    v v denny is from shanghai china
    hope we can be friend

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    8 01 2010
    Derry (07:01:22) :

    The top has a super sexy masculinity. It would have been even hotter had he stripped completely naked before entering his bottom. Look forward to seeing more …

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    8 01 2010
    thicktool2 (11:23:17) :

    much hotter than i expected it to be, very fucking hot

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    Kevin Reply:

    @thicktool2, mmmm thicktool huh? I wanna learn about your thicktool2!!!
    This priktaker’s got a tight a$$ for you and your thicktool2!!! priktaker at yahooo

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    8 01 2010
    Bob (17:12:36) :

    Both of them are hot, but the fact that he couldnt stop long enough to get undressed is too irritating to watch all of it. Just get naked and fuck.

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    8 01 2010
    allen77 (19:11:34) :

    Love the condom action.

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    9 01 2010
    Gay Porn Fanatic (15:31:39) :

    francesco is one of my 5 favorite porn stars. But I think he and damien are still together. I mean, they have that site together now which is amazing…

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    AL - The Banana Blog Blogger Reply:

    Hey – yeah, you’re more than likely right about them still being together. I know I recently read some article about two porn cpls breaking up – just can’t remember who it was.


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    10 01 2010
    jon (00:19:09) :

    I think it’s lame that he doesn’t take the time to pleasure the bottom guy…pretty lame to me. Still hott though.

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    10 01 2010
    Stephen (20:35:04) :

    The clothes get in the way :(

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    11 01 2010
    JasonMax (00:40:57) :

    This is one of the official clips from their amazing StagHomme site.

    They’re still very much together, from what I last heard.

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    11 01 2010
    James (23:10:48) :

    That guy has OCD, i’ve never seen someone get so prepped before in my life. L:MAO that was funny.

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    12 01 2010
    katluvr14 (12:36:57) :

    so hot!!! please post more vids of guys putting on condoms! its so hot!!!

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    12 01 2010
    Anonymous (12:40:26) :

    condom play is soooo sexy!

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    12 01 2010
    Anonymous (12:40:47) :

    ooooh agreed! i love watching twinks play with rubbers

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    14 01 2010
    Anonymous (07:20:47) :

    More love to see a condom pulled out of an ass full of cum. So more like this.

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    15 01 2010
    jerkme2005 (16:23:26) :

    hot would love to walk in a room fuck a hot ass and leave

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    20 01 2010
    Matt (14:55:13) :

    Fucking hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    he should just rip the clothes off and fuck the boipussy

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    20 01 2010
    BWARIOR (19:21:00) :

    Love how masculine and hairy both are. One of the best vids on here.

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    28 01 2010
    brian (22:53:51) :

    wow the top guy could have my ass anytime. this was one hot vid. love it

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    31 01 2010
    Dmind99 (00:56:02) :

    This is from Francesco’s collection of films before he and Damien became a couple. The top isn’t Damien. Francesco commented on it on Staghomme. His old site used to feature a few films of him getting banged by random curious straight guys. All very hot!! You picked one of the best ones!

    P.S. Damien and Francesco got married in Spain last year. Their site has the pics and videos of the ceremony for those interested!!

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    1 02 2010
    txbearman (12:10:48) :

    Man show more of guys fucking and then pulling out with the rubber full of their cum. HOT LOVE IT

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    9 02 2010
    francisco (03:37:39) :

    may I congratulate the guy or guys who make not only this blog, instead of all this page for his nice and prefessionl work, you keep on goning with all this hard, hard work, Who ever you are, thank you , thank you so much for all the enjoyment you make make me feel.
    Sincerley yours, Francisco

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    AL - The Banana Blog Blogger Reply:

    Hey there Francisco,

    Thanks so much for the compliments on the blog.

    I aprreciate it :)

    Al – the banana blog blogger

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    12 03 2010
    spartist (13:26:03) :

    Love your blog… it’s more down to earth,clean and simple..
    Les is definitely more

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    12 03 2010
    Toño (23:38:16) :

    Que buenas nalgas de ambos….

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    13 03 2010
    Anonymous (22:31:55) :


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    24 03 2010
    butchlvr (01:17:24) :

    I actually liked the fact Mr. Bi Married Guy just opened his jeans at first and went for it. If you invite a married bi guy to come over and ‘fuck your ass’ don’t expect him to be too terribly concerned about YOUR pleasure….he’s there to fuck and get off.

    The whole fumbling around and messing with the clothes thing could have been distracting if it’d gone on too long but it didn’t. Just right! And whether or not this was two pro porn guys ‘acting out’ an amateur fantasy, the fumbling and clumsiness made it seem totally real.

    The only “criticism” I have is the fucker should have been sporting a wedding ring!

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    12 06 2010
    Anonymous (21:10:25) :
    24 07 2010
    Phil G (18:52:28) :

    fantastic clip! make a nice change to see a spunky condom!!

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    15 08 2010
    bubbleswallower (09:42:59) :

    I always wanted a bi-man ti fuck me…

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    10 09 2010
    fred (18:58:15) :

    i like how it “seems” so natural. they don’t have the biggest dicks (i guess they’re both 6 inches), but it’s incredibly hot!

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    19 01 2011
    fred (03:43:41) :

    can someone upload this one again?

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    6 06 2011
    anon (05:23:57) :

    Same video on a different site: VIDEO

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