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Preview: Haze Him – Jelly Wrestling

4 01 2010

“These dudes are pretty ridiculous. They got these two guys that are trying to get into their frat, and they completely humiliate them. After doing some human bowling, they make both of them do some man to man jelly wrestling. After that they took them back to a dorm room where shit really got real. Let’s just say both of these pledges got what they had coming, and they got it hard!”


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    4 responses to “Preview: Haze Him – Jelly Wrestling”

    19 03 2010
    Jaded (09:43:58) :

    These vids are so fake.

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    20 03 2010
    hopefulbanana (02:44:12) :

    I get this when I click the link for the full vid…

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 71 bytes) in /usr/home/thebanan/domains/ on line 852

    Damn… would have liked to see it… :-(

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    21 03 2010
    Toast (03:52:43) :

    @hopefulbanana the video is short, and to be blatantly honest, you aren’t missing much.

    @Al, I don’t think this post is up to the incredible standard you’ve set for this blog. Speaking from an avid porn consumer, this clip does nothing for the imagination, unless you happen to be in the minority of people who enjoy foodplay (please excuse me if I’m stepping on any toes here, however in my experience thus far, not many are into such things.) The clip is far too short for any fap factor. I’m not criticizing you or the providers of this clip, I just don’t feel it’s up to your usual standard.

    Does this affect my opinion of your blog? HELL NO! I have been and always will be a loyal “reader” (note the quotes =P) I’m just lettin’ you know, you’ve set a high bar as far as adult male content blogs go. I’d like to see you continue to raise it. <3

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    3 04 2010
    john (20:27:57) :

    Just joined today for two day trial and billed for a month…WTF! I found all the videos to pause and playbacks can’t be downloaded for later viewing. Buyer beware, this site is not worth your time!
    The content is good but the vids don’t plat back without timing out.

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