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Spring Break

16 10 2009

Yup, this is rare – a video on The Banana Blog that doesn’t contain sex. That’s right, no sex but all the voyeurs and crotch watchers out there will love this one :-). I have to hand it to this guy, he’s got balls! …which he gladly displays for all to see.

LOL at the 1m:15s mark when the guy yells out “whoa, you’re showin’ your ___ dude!”

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Btw, you can skip the second half.

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    20 responses to “Spring Break”

    16 10 2009
    d (21:06:36) :

    Ok, that slut in the white shorts is just cruising for some size queen, but fun to watch do it!

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    16 10 2009
    James (21:22:06) :

    i clicked on it just so I could comment that i didn’t watch

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    16 10 2009
    Larry (22:33:05) :

    I think that guy is creepy. I like when the cops come he attemps to cover it up. LOL

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    16 10 2009
    Banananman (22:46:28) :

    You see how fast the white shorts guy moved that fanny pack when those officers walked by? And then moved it back afterwards. lol. Nice packages. Keep posting. YOU ARE THE MAAAAN!

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    16 10 2009
    CreamyB (23:03:45) :

    I LOVED this video. I’m a crotch-watcher; and I would’ve followed them around all day!

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    17 10 2009
    mb00 (03:57:29) :

    wow, there is nothing like late 80′s douchery, lol. But the muscle head the 3:23 mark was HOT!!!!

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    17 10 2009
    rub (17:56:11) :

    sold shoes in the 80 had a guy come and had me waite on him wearing the exact same thing with a huge big hard cock, it was awsome. Love ballsie show offs he was built just the same too. Oh the good old days

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    17 10 2009
    KRAUT (20:41:07) :

    I think this video was shot by a Girl
    the guys are showing off for her

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    18 10 2009
    cockenstein (01:06:00) :

    I like to think that’s what I look like when I wear super tight shorts!

    ok…well..maybe with a little less ….”confidence”!


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    20 10 2009
    L (02:36:29) :

    so a camera follows him and he doesn’t notice? are they in kahoots?

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    21 10 2009
    dc (10:16:14) :

    Where in the world can you buy lycra shorts like that now? They went out of style in 1989.

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    23 10 2009
    wow (17:19:57) :

    This is hot, btu woowwwww look at the way people are dressed. Fanny Packs? Jesus! What year is this?

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    1 11 2009
    borne2rim (17:07:48) :

    luved the bodybuilder in front of the ice cream store. HOT

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    3 11 2009
    alex reis (21:38:38) :

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    6 11 2009
    ken (13:44:21) :

    WOW. would love to see that walking down my street. That is what you call a package..

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    30 12 2009
    Bob Cummings (12:25:46) :

    The guy at marker 1:15 did not say “whoa…you’re showin’ your cock dude.” He said something like “show your tone, dude” or something like that.

    I like guys who have a huge package (click my name and check out my blog posting on celebrity bulges), but I don’t like the obvious ones. If a guy has a hard on, of COURSE he’ll have a bulge. DUH! The ones I like are the guys who can’t HELP but have a bulge, even when they’re soft. Now THAT’S hot!

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    7 03 2010
    Anonymous (04:11:25) :

    Did the sign in the window of that store near the end really say “Date Shakes”??? YUCK!

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    11 03 2010
    desertrat (18:21:17) :

    Ummm date shakes rock, dude. There’s a great place on the way to Palm Springs from LA off the 10 fwy that specializes in them and they have a thriving business.

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    17 04 2010
    Poppet54 (14:04:17) :

    LOVE vids like this. Imagination is a wonderful thing. If I could download this to my hard drive, I definitely would!!!!

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    22 04 2010
    Jon (01:41:25) :

    Wow! Awesome. That dude loves to show off in public. If I ever saw one walking in the streets like that I’d be following him.

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