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Straight JO/BJ

25 08 2009

When I first started this blog, one of the first videos I posted was called “Straight Guy Tries Rimming“.  It was also probably one of the first really popular videos posted at that time on this site.  Well, here is another from the same guy that produced that one.  I believe this one was originally on xtube but was removed.  Fortunately since this is the internet, nothing disappears forever!

On a side note, check out the intensity that this guy puts into jerking off towards the end lol.  Now that’s what I call concentration.

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Related Site: Check out more like this at Dirty Bird Pictures

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    28 responses to “Straight JO/BJ”

    25 08 2009
    rllw (18:34:54) :

    What does he say at the very end??

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    26 08 2009
    Banana_AL (01:31:35) :

    [paraphrasing] "I should have told you, that was very unexpected"

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    26 08 2009
    Alvin (09:57:23) :

    Does anyone have the video from Xtube by user show26a called sucking my boss in public toilets parts 1 and 2? This was a while back, but it was the hottest stuff on the site.

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    26 08 2009
    Brazilian Studz Blog (12:56:22) :

    Is it possible you add my Site at your Site links.
    I´ll do the same.
    Brazilian Studz

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    26 08 2009
    Kraut (19:08:10) :

    Where did the other white boy go that was at the beginning of the video

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    Anonymous Reply:

    At the beginning of the video his friend sends him out of the room. He says he can’t jerk off in front of him.

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    me Reply:

    Also, the guy who leaves is the original “Straight Guy Tries Rimming”. I guess his name is Matt.

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    AL - The Banana Blog Blogger Reply:

    I’ve seen this video so many times and never noticed that! :-)

    28 08 2009
    Anonymous (17:17:51) :

    Oh his balls look delicious!!!!

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    30 08 2009
    tonin (07:46:23) :

    I liked it.

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    30 08 2009
    Busting Badonkadonk (13:44:54) :

    Wow. Does anyone know what’s the producer’s name? i browsed through Dirty bird pictures but couldn’t find their videos. Hot!

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    Jim Reply:

    This is an amateur video posted on xtube a while back. It was removed because of some disorganization back when xtube first started up and as a result the user quit xtube altogether because of the drama.

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    AL - The Banana Blog Blogger Reply:

    Hey there BB,

    Jim is right. This was an amateur Xtube video. The Dirty Bird Pictures link was just placed there as an alternative place to go to find more guys showing off for the camera. Sorry for the confusion :-)

    AL – The Banana Blog Blogger

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    3 09 2009
    babyboy (15:51:11) :

    that was hot I love sucking off straight guys more like this please

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    8 09 2009
    brian (11:47:27) :

    HOT love it

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    9 09 2009
    Chris (13:20:15) :

    I dunno, I kind of found this video strangely unsexy. He’s definitely cute and has a gorgeous cock, but he’s so mechanical and matter-of-fact about the whole thing, like he might as well be playing video games or something instead of being sucked off.

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    11 09 2009
    kaloosucks (22:51:06) :

    hot…wanna swallow his cum

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    26 09 2009
    me (22:48:06) :

    Also, if you do watch STRAIGHT GUY TRIES RIMMING and listen closely, this kids voice is the other voice in the room. He asks which girlfriend tried to rim him. Makes me wonder what the story is behind this video of two dirty little boys from down South and their (lucky) Black friend.

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    12 10 2009
    bok4600 (20:44:46) :
    30 04 2010
    Lasse (01:09:51) :

    Are there more videos from this guy?

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    12 05 2010
    Olivia SoullessGhost (09:05:51) :

    Undoubtfully interesting story you got here. I’d like to read a bit more about such theme. Thank you for sharing such information.

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    8 06 2010
    mark (14:39:33) :

    What happened to his video? Bring it back PLEASE!

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    12 06 2010
    Joe (10:52:01) :

    I cant see the video? what happend? was removed?

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    22 08 2010
    jones (08:59:45) :

    Any chance we’ll ever see this video again? It has been gone for months.

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    9 12 2011
    ken (14:08:20) :

    :) i like it

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    3 06 2012
    ncbabe (20:15:31) :

    hes hot but I wish he didnt shave his bush.

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    29 08 2012
    lisa hoke (17:04:30) :

    RT @thebananablog: Straight JO/BJ

    29 05 2013
    Andrew (15:04:13) :

    He’s really cute and innocent-like, and he’s got a huge dick. However, I feel like he may be autistic or something.

    It’s just the way he talks, his mannerisms, and how he said he can’t jack off in front of his friend Matt, like he has some kind of brotherly trust with him and he’d feel ashamed if Matt saw him do this. IDK it makes me think he may have Asperger syndrome.

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