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UKNM: Internal Exams

7 06 2009

Check out this preview vid from UK Naked Men. It features Ross Hurston, who is quickly becoming one of my favorites, and Paulo Betoli in “Internal Exams.” Unlike a lot of sites, UKNM puts all the best parts in there preview vids that entice you and make you want more!

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Preview Vid.

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    13 responses to “UKNM: Internal Exams”

    7 06 2009
    Derry (08:41:37) :

    Beautiful bodies, huge cocks, hot m2m, huge loads with great sound, these UKNM videos are HOT.
    Thanks for posting bud.

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    7 06 2009
    self-ducked dildo-dick (11:17:53) :

    Super video, right now the British films are easily my favourites, also crazy about MenAtPlay and the Men in suits look, which I want to work on. This one you’ve posted is gorgeous, esp. the moment the ‘patient’ first sees the ‘doctor’s’ succulent cock. Btw, was able to go to the UKNAKEDMEN page, but could’t get any image on the free previews there.

    I hope this is okay question, and comes from Men At Play, the still I have linked below. Anybody know where to get those ball cuffs? I would really like to get some, and experimented yesterday with the rubber tie-rings around my balls–never had tied them up separately and it feels so hot I was precumming all over the place. But this UK still is the most elegant photo in terms of Crotch Jewelry I’ve ever seen, so if anybody knows where to look, or precisely what I should ask for, I’d appreciate the info. I wouldn’t try online, because you need to see these, but I’m in New York, and can easily take the photo and ask at various fetish stores as well. Thanks.

    Anyway, I hope you’ll post more of the UK guys, I think they’re the best working right now, especially Harry Louis and I saw Steve Hooper over there on your link. Thanks, beautiful stuff.


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    7 06 2009
    john p. (15:55:58) :

    Two beautiful boys and then suck yours dick

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    10 06 2009
    Leonel (15:12:22) :

    Fucking Amazing!!!!

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    14 06 2009
    likemeplz (10:23:44) :

    That was so awesome. Loved it.

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    20 06 2009
    Ricardo (12:26:12) :

    Hi guys !

    Great vid !

    Do you know what they are saying between the “examination” and sexual relation (when Ross Hurston take the cock of the other man from his pants) ?

    I don’t understand (I’m french :P).

    Thank you ! ;)

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    6 07 2009
    Monkey (21:41:52) :

    This is one of my favorites. Thanks for turning me onto UKNM videos. They are very well done with hot guys and always with a sense of humor and playfulness.

    I thought the British were supposed to be so serious!

    It’s some of the best porno I’ve ever seen.

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    7 07 2009
    AL - The Banana Blog Blogger (07:08:46) :

    Thanks Monkey :-) Glad you enjoy them as much as I do.

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    14 08 2009
    pdxjustinw (02:23:24) :

    Damn. It's like every time I go to the doctor. Except they're actually fucking and I just end up poppin' a bone when my doctor touches me.

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    12 11 2009
    Kyle (20:52:44) :

    OMG. Love it. Where can I get the full vid?

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    27 08 2010
    Jackson (08:52:53) :

    This is my favorite video on your BLOG !!! AMAZING !!!
    This depicts (in my opinion) the epitome of gay male sex !!!
    I love it !!! I shot my LOAD almost instantly !!!

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    29 08 2010
    ruby (07:55:23) :

    Great clip where can i find a doctor in qld like that to give me an examination like that

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    26 02 2011
    d (21:43:30) :

    i would like paulo to fuck me

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