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Ralph Woods

8 03 2009

Check out this hot double penetration video of Ralph Woods (bottom) and Pierre Fitch (top). Pierre and Ralph are also two of my favorites guys in porn which makes this combination even better!
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Btw – check out this teaser video from Ralphs website. It shows even more of went on during this scene!

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    27 responses to “Ralph Woods”

    8 03 2009
    zak (12:03:35) :

    damn that’s hot… all of them…. i’ve seen ralph woods in another video… massive cock… so hot

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    8 03 2009
    matt (12:56:38) :

    that is hot…pierre fitch is growing on me.

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    8 03 2009
    BlueDiamont (22:58:48) :

    Guaooooooo!! Ver para creer!! Realmente exitante!!!

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    8 03 2009
    rupert (23:39:03) :

    that one nice cum dip

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    9 03 2009
    royco (00:55:05) :

    That it so so HOT – love Ralph’s smile at the end as he masages all that cum into his bod – says it all.

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    9 03 2009
    mceuph (01:51:42) :

    So there’s ralph and pierre…but who’s that third guy? He was the hottest.

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    Anonymous Reply:

    nobody is hotter than ralph woods, period! EVER!!!!!

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    shrooms Reply:

    @, besides the third guy, i wanna know who he is too!!

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    Anonymous Reply:

    @mceuph, To each his own; beauty in the eye of the beholder and all that but personally, I think anyone who finds anyone in this vid hotter than Ralph is a bit crazy, IMHO

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    9 03 2009
    alberto (07:43:31) :


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    9 03 2009
    phildbi (09:40:39) :

    I agree, Ralph’s smile at the end was HOT. The third guy is also very hot, kinda reminded me of brody jenner (hahahaha).

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    11 03 2009
    LaMarr (04:01:47) :

    ooooooooooooooo cum slut

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    11 03 2009
    Larry (19:48:55) :

    Love to see a hot, hunky, hung guy who knows how to take and love dick!

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    15 03 2009
    Mark B. (18:47:48) :


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    17 03 2009
    likemeplz (08:08:52) :

    OMG! that has got to be one of the hottest and intense action I have ever seen. I am so hard and horny now. Ralph have one huge cock. All the guys are so sexy and cute. AWESOME!

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    22 03 2009
    Ronaldo (11:44:50) :

    That was truly a great vid, those guys were awesome and I just felt I would love to be there with them for my ass to be pounded and for me to suck their great cocks,

    It seems that what you like so do I, maybe we should get together sometime soon.

    Regards Ronaldo

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    28 03 2009
    Ntce1 (20:25:28) :

    Brief and sweet. Dark stubbled dude is super with his intense orgasm. So male.

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    30 03 2009
    YounGayFocus (03:12:29) :

    Hey Ralphy, I love your smile too at the end, and your last orgasmic moan as a female… So exciting !

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    17 04 2009
    diego (02:35:17) :

    david young is # 3 =)

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    20 04 2009
    ostrich09 (04:34:26) :

    he took two in the bottom looks like three in the mouth is not out of the question

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    1 05 2009
    maccallister (14:40:56) :

    one of my fave double penetration to date!soo hotttttt too bad its too short!i want a longer one!

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    9 05 2009
    doodle (22:33:57) :

    so fucking hot I will have many jerk off sessions to this video…. And the last moan ralph gave when he shot off was so hot he made me shoot off

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    31 05 2009
    Anonymous (20:36:27) :

    gostaria de ver esse filme por inteiro. como faço?
    porque brent está sem tatuagens será que são falsas?

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    24 06 2009
    HHS (14:00:57) :

    DAMN!!! that was HOT!!!!!!!! How did they all fucking fit?????

    The bottom was so sexy, but he got kinda annoying win he started commentating on his cumming…

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    30 09 2009
    laurens (03:16:09) :

    wauw is geil man

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    10 02 2010
    Anonymous (01:24:56) :

    Ralph’s ugly

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    15 04 2010
    bluebug (09:58:01) :

    My sexual fantasy! Could never achieve it though!The three are GREAT, those two super cocks in his ass are superb. Thank you sooooo much for sharing this video.

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