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Talking Dirty

22 12 2008

If you need a hot muscle guy to talk dirty to you tonight. I think we have our first contender!

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    24 responses to “Talking Dirty”

    22 12 2008
    hokiesfan (23:39:01) :

    Seems like he likes tasting it more than the imaginary bitch does?

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    22 12 2008
    Anonymous (23:48:55) :

    Gorgeous body. The kind I like. I would have liked to see his face.

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    23 12 2008
    Anonymous (15:46:19) :

    would have gotten down on my knees and obeyed everything for this hot man; wish he showed his face and ass

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    23 12 2008
    Young_Dude (18:49:06) :

    Hot video and all but the british accent wasn’t very attractive in the vid. I love how he was tasting his cum in the end and wanting pussy at the same time haha. Cute i guess.

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    23 12 2008
    Anonymous (21:20:14) :

    what a young, hot muscle stud

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    23 12 2008
    Ydnar (23:16:04) :

    I’ll be right back…I have to go to the gym.

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    24 12 2008
    Anonymous (11:35:14) :

    he’s so fucking hot … i wish he would fuck me

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    25 12 2008
    okrangler9 (09:46:27) :

    He can plow me on the most crowed subway at rush hour and I wouldnt mind—hot looking body!!!

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    25 12 2008
    Anonymous (18:08:51) :

    he wants pussy? really? licking your own cum is like the least pussy-loving activity in the world!

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    26 12 2008
    Anonymous (03:52:28) :

    how can i download this

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    26 12 2008
    Anonymous (17:34:32) :

    well its quite obvious he’s english, from the accent i mean-not that these actions resemble typical british men, only the best;)

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    26 12 2008
    Jackall (18:47:29) :

    The way he wolfed down his own cum at the end can only make u wonder …..

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    27 12 2008
    Anonymous (16:26:11) :

    he has a small dick

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    28 12 2008
    Anonymous (16:26:11) :


    Hot body, sweaty, British, big cock, dirty talker…iwanthim

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    31 12 2008
    Anonymous (21:30:05) :

    this guy is fucken sexy….would love to suck that big thick juicy cock…..i am gonna go jerk off now…look for my video soon

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    13 02 2009
    Anonymous (02:24:08) :

    great video, hot and muscle fucking body… I would like to meet him, see his face, and obviously fuck with him.. Awesome video..

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    11 06 2009
    John (07:45:26) :

    That’s a great body and big cock I wanted to fool around with.

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    23 09 2009
    Anonymous (04:48:33) :

    I’m dying to make love to him. LOl

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    7 03 2010
    Dong Suk (15:31:31) :

    The goddamn accent makes him sound like a girl. Overacting crap.

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    25 07 2010
    Anonymous (02:37:34) :

    man of my dreams. holy fuck

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    2 09 2010
    davidofflorence (04:58:49) :

    great clips – one of the best
    - but no face expres. only ..:-(

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    6 12 2010
    Benjamin (03:58:34) :

    I love this British Accent, it’s a turn on for me

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    6 02 2012
    Dmind99 (01:50:51) :


    You gotta see him in this one! Dildo, dirty talk, AND his face!


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    22 09 2012
    bobby (05:33:16) :

    >Dmind99: oh shit, it is really him! :D

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