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In The Locker Room

10 12 2008

So you’ve all seen those amateur/hidden locker room videos before – well here’s another! I question the validity of this one though, I mean who doesn’t notice a video camera less than a foot away from them. Who cares though – No sex, but this guy makes for some great eye candy!

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    11 responses to “In The Locker Room”

    11 12 2008
    Larry (02:08:51) :

    Straight men can be soooo HOTTT!

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    12 12 2008
    Anonymous (20:09:46) :

    enjoyed the video … he sure takes a long time to undress, and so organized too … that’s not characteristic of a straight guy

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    18 12 2008
    Anonymous (22:06:12) :

    I think he took the video himself…. video camera in his locker

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    25 02 2009
    gatorico69 (12:31:59) :

    I want like this guy very hot

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    18 04 2009
    Troy (15:47:48) :

    Did you notice that when he was taking his underwear off – they weren’t even sweaty? Can’t deny that he’s sexy, though. Best part was when he turned around and showed his glutes. Wow!

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    4 07 2009
    Justin (20:18:10) :

    He totally made that vid himself. Other than that…he’s gross. He’s a pig, he’s nasty, his dick…eww. NOT impressed. Gross, gross, sick, gross.

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    19 11 2009
    angello61 (20:18:42) :

    I don’t think he doesn’t notice he was been watching seems he created all he likes to be watched.

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    8 02 2010
    MartyW (16:31:18) :

    As the other posts are saying – this is staged. He”s trying to play this too clam and trying to act normal. Even though, nice to watch and nice body!!

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    25 10 2010
    Anonymous (17:07:17) :

    I would eat this guys meat any day of the week!! Love to lick his sweaty pits and ass!!!

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    16 10 2011
    Davey Boy (09:58:56) :

    That’s an video. Alllll staged. I liked when he tried to take his socks off for the second time before he dropped his drawers.

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    27 03 2012
    NiceToolPGH (22:18:14) :

    sorry. boring. 3 min of my life gone.

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