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The Restroom 2

5 12 2008

You might remember this guy from earlier post I did. Here is another public restroom clip of him in some type of, ummm, exhibitionist gear.

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    16 responses to “The Restroom 2”

    5 12 2008
    Brian (12:40:58) :

    Very exciting. Love seeing other guys jerk him of in public. HOT!

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    5 12 2008
    Rishi (16:35:10) :

    Thank you, very nice.

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    6 12 2008
    James (00:17:33) :

    Whoa the gear kinda ruined it for me.. But did you notice the guy toward the end is also in the other video standing at one of the stalls. I smell a co-worker

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    7 12 2008
    Toast (08:26:00) :

    Why don’t guys jerk me off when I’m in a public restroom? I feel left out.

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    9 12 2008
    Anonymous (02:18:34) :

    What bathroom is this guy in?!? I have never been in a bathroom outside of a gay bar where something like this would be taking place. Lord knows, I’ve thought about it. Very hot, nonetheless.

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    21 12 2008
    Jimmy (21:23:37) :

    Very hot guy, very hot dick. I’d have gotten on my knees and sucked him off the minute I walked in the door, though. I love sucking off good lucking guys who are totally naked while other guys look on, preferably jerking off while they watch.

    Hot, though.

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    28 04 2009
    Anonymous (19:09:03) :

    i am not realy a fan of that hardcore stuff. i can see wips but all that, no not for me

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    6 05 2009
    Dominic (00:12:55) :

    Can I get in that line and give him a helping hand!!! HOT

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    8 10 2009
    Naked (03:48:32) :

    wow~~~so cool~

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    20 12 2009
    DCTopGuy (22:01:48) :

    Not only is it public sex, but it’s CMNM (Clothed Male, Naked Male) as well. Hot!

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    14 04 2010
    SEXret (11:47:14) :

    its like they;re lining up to take turns hehe

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    7 10 2010
    sven (08:53:52) :

    A very social activity !

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    25 11 2010
    Bob (23:22:24) :

    Very hot……..more please…….thank you

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    3 12 2010
    sammy (16:19:11) :

    where is this one from>?

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    16 02 2011
    joey (15:13:37) :

    sweetie you go honey work it

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    23 01 2014
    click here (19:12:12) :

    It’s an remarkable article designed for all the online people; they
    will take benefit from it I am sure.

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