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Amateur College Couple

20 11 2008

Ok this is first non-gay clip I’ve posted on the blog but you get so many views of this hotties ass that it could at least be classified as “gay-friendly” :-) Somehow knowing he’s straight is a turn on too! By the way, no cum shot but I still think its worth it if you like the amateur or straight guy thing.

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    16 responses to “Amateur College Couple”

    22 11 2008
    Anonymous (23:49:19) :

    I thought it was pretty fucking hot! I’d love to see more of these, especially with more cock shots. That guy was gorgeous, and had a perfect ass!

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    23 11 2008
    James (06:36:39) :

    wow i must really be gay, just seeing her there ruined it for me. I didn’t even get

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    Peter Reply:

    @James, lol, yeah you must be because he was hot! But I actually get off on straight porn, more so penetration shots but still…

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    25 11 2008
    Anonymous (07:04:49) :

    Very Hot!! Would like to see more of this kind of materal.

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    26 11 2008
    Anonymous (18:12:43) :

    Me too want to see more like this one!

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    27 11 2008
    Anonymous (01:48:18) :

    Delicious Ass and he knew it!

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    27 11 2008
    Anonymous (04:49:46) :

    hot hot hot … please post more like this :)

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    28 11 2008
    al (02:58:22) :

    Glad you guys liked this one. If I find another “post worthy” one I will be sure to add it to the site.

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    3 12 2008
    Nyce1 (03:19:00) :

    sugar cube butt cheeks; swinging hangers; handsome face; trim & tall, hot rhythm; erotic.

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    5 12 2008
    Brian (14:25:24) :

    so hot and exiting even though it is not gay. They were so intense together
    and the guy is so hot.

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    8 12 2008
    gunther01 (11:33:02) :

    Luv’d it! Gud looking couple; gud eye 4 screening then posting.

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    22 02 2009
    dl_boi (01:54:49) :

    i could stare at his ass all day and not get bored….. 2 thumbs up….. and my dick WAY UP

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    4 05 2009
    Toño (01:05:50) :

    Este chavo si que hace gozar a las viejas, le aprendí un chingo. Saludos desde Veracruz, Méx.

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    14 08 2009
    pdxjustinw (03:13:55) :

    This is why I love straight guys.

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    3 09 2009
    Eazyryder (10:03:13) :

    That was so fucking hot! Hope to more just like it!

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    17 04 2010
    bluebug (11:35:27) :

    Straight guys fucking turn me on completely! and their cocks are always rock hard!

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