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More By Request: Hidden Locker Room

30 09 2008

I’m adding another one of the Hidden Locker Room type of vids for all the voyeuristic guys out there! This one has always been one of my favorites.

…oh yes, you see that correctly…it’s a grower!

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    18 responses to “More By Request: Hidden Locker Room”

    1 10 2008
    kin (14:00:04) :

    hotness. more please!

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    1 10 2008
    Anonymous (15:40:21) :

    Awesome! A grower indeed!

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    1 10 2008
    dashawn (19:34:57) :

    hot me likey lol

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    1 10 2008
    Anonymous (20:22:17) :

    def. semi-hard

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    mike Reply:

    the guy on the left has a really nice ass and the guy in the center starts to get hard after he looks at it : )

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    8 10 2008
    Anonymous (22:33:33) :

    Brilliant. Made me twitch.


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    rez Reply:

    like me too…

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    27 02 2009
    Max69 (02:57:03) :

    ich möchte mich auch mal duschen….

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    4 03 2009
    Anonymous (20:09:48) :

    ja, aber deutsch auf das blog is nicht zulassen

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    3 05 2009
    Toño (15:28:03) :

    Video muy cachondo. Saludos desde Veracruz México.

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    6 07 2009
    Anonymous (11:26:05) :

    hahahaha. Deutschland uber ales. this definately needs to be added too. Great Blog BTW.

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    6 07 2009
    Anonymous (11:28:35) :

    pity it’s not longer… the movie, i mean.

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    6 07 2009
    AL - The Banana Blog Blogger (11:31:15) :

    Just tried it. Still works.

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    13 01 2010
    Anonymous (21:50:27) :

    @Toño, cccccccc

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    18 01 2010
    aa (16:26:11) :

    VERY NICE! Need more like this one.

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    22 01 2010
    Don Nelson (13:41:09) :

    I would have a VERY slippery bar of soap showering with those boys!

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    20 05 2010
    Anonymous (13:32:49) :

    hottest hidden cam i’ve ever seen

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    17 04 2012
    aaron (19:20:04) :

    seriously, we need more of these. this is my go to for the last year. i love it!

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