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Regular Guys

19 09 2008

No whips, no chains, no spanking, no set director – just two regular guys having sex and it’s still hot! :)

[Click video for full screen]
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    16 responses to “Regular Guys”

    19 09 2008
    Dave (16:15:12) :

    The way its suppose to be….. love the audio.. that bottom boy was so well taken care of!

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    20 09 2008
    Andre (01:25:35) :

    … Now that’s some passion. ;)

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    20 09 2008
    Kaio (21:31:30) :

    yes it is hot!
    Have a great Sunday.
    Kisses from London

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    21 09 2008
    prairie828 (04:12:57) :

    SO HOT!!! And the have an xtube account. Its under the name SexyCatlin

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    22 09 2008
    leunclebuck (03:38:53) :

    just 2 average joes, thats real

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    22 09 2008
    SXXYGUY (04:53:34) :

    I’d love to be fucking that boy on his back. He’s very hot.

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    24 09 2008
    Ronaldo (14:53:01) :

    terrific two guys, i got a hard on watching the vid. and i would love to have their cocks thrusting into me.

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    24 09 2008
    shawn (19:35:41) :
    29 10 2008
    brian (15:04:35) :

    This was so great and got me so excited. Loved it so much. I stripped down and was stroking my hard cock.

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    22 11 2008
    Mal (01:28:59) :

    Loved the whimpering of the bottom boy. Also loved his bod and legs! I came over this one.

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    17 04 2009
    Tom (02:41:57) :

    This is one of my favorite videos. Two boys enjoying each other. Both so handsome and virile. I must admit that I wanked a few times over this one myself.

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    22 04 2009
    likemeplz (07:46:41) :

    This is one of the hottest vids around to me. I like to watch it over and over. Just 2 regular guys. HOT SEX!

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    12 10 2009
    johnrobmale (01:02:33) :

    this one gets me so horny with the wimpering and the bodies. they just seem to really enjoy each other.jerked to this many times

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    11 11 2009
    Hawkeye3 (04:40:37) :

    I think I just stumbled upon an actual porn video featuring Matty and Caitlin. It’s called Tasty Twinks by Afton Nills / Xtreme Productions and they’re in the first scene under the names of ‘Craig Ashton’ and ‘Damien Belle Vie’.

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    13 05 2010
    alan (05:27:39) :

    i think it is funny that stranger than fiction is on in the background

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    4 09 2010
    Anonymous (07:58:00) :


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