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Luke Bryant

7 09 2008

Check out more of Luke from Hot Boy Camz. I love guys that talk dirty!

See more of Luke Here!

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    11 responses to “Luke Bryant”

    7 09 2008
    shawn (19:57:02) :

    wow he is fucking sexy

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    7 09 2008
    jim (20:12:24) :

    Luke, Thats one hot vid!!!!! Dreamed of my lips on your cock and tasted your load, how sweet tasting it was!!!! I also love your hole and would love to cum inside you!!! Fab ass and cock!!
    A real sexy, hot guy, love it man!!! I’ll be looking for more!! Thanks for showing us what you have to offer!!!

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    9 09 2008
    richie (08:35:01) :

    That ass is so beautiful! I just want to bury my face and tongue in as deep as possible!

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    13 09 2008
    kyle (02:29:16) :

    Wow, what a perfect body. His cock is so beautiful and that ass looks so tasty. That is an awesome video.

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    18 11 2008
    Mike (00:32:09) :

    Luke is all i come to this site for.

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    8 04 2009
    kodes (16:16:53) :
    30 10 2009
    rearreceptor (14:19:50) :

    My god! His ass is sooooooooo sweet! Can you imagine what it would be like to bury your face between those cheeks for hours and hours?

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    27 07 2010
    kris (10:45:36) :

    I hate jock straps! I mean come on, either wear actual undies or just show your bare arse… no silly compromise please!
    Even so, this video was pretty hot, especially after he took them off.
    (and I REALLY love this blog!)

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    DrBrodski Reply:

    @kris, You hate jockstraps? You’re one of the few that do then …

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    5 12 2012
    john halder (00:25:18) :

    I so want to suck luke bryans dick

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    19 08 2013
    Monkey Eddie (00:51:55) :

    You are So SEXY always when i see you at work i cant even look at you,i wish you give massages ;-)You are gorgeous!

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