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Jared Fires Kurt Wild

6 09 2008

Wow! Would you ever have guessed that the bottom guy in this video was married…with three kids! Just when you thought you knew who your favorite gay bi porn stars were! ;) Actually knowing that kinda makes him even hotter! But anyway, now that that is off my chest I’ll continue with the purpose of this post.

…So coincidentally after posting a few vids/pics of my new porn crush Kurt Wild, I read this story about him today. Apparently he was fired from a Subway restaurant because a customer recognized him and his gay porn past then threatened to boycott if he wasn’t fired. So he was fired. In my eyes of course, this screams unfairness and discrimination, however I have no clue about workplace laws. I won’t go into detail more than this because my points have already been expressed many times by other blogs that ran this story.

All I have to say is..”how could anyone ever fire this!…”

Btw, thank good when the guy in the background asked where the strangest place he ever had sex was, he didnt say a Subway restaurant!

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    7 responses to “Jared Fires Kurt Wild”

    10 09 2008
    Sir's boy (01:55:05) :

    Seems that if the customer recognized him from gay porn, why would they be upset. If they viewed it how could they find fault with it/him. Oh well. He should have a good lawyer,.

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    11 09 2008
    al (05:15:55) :

    My thoughts exactly!

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    13 09 2008
    Volker (05:22:42) :

    Seems rather unfair letting him go since anything he did at work was not cause for his dismissal. Perhaps he should consider seeking a lawyer that specializes in labour law. What does what he does (or did) outside of work do with his job (unless a person is actually breaking the law)? Just a thought.

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    13 09 2008
    William (22:08:16) :

    I’d like to know how the customer recognized him.

    And, if he needs a job, he can call me.

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    27 11 2008
    Anonymous (00:09:00) :

    Terminating an employee for “Lawful offduties activities” is illegal in most states. He should get an attorney and file suit. Subway would settle quickly….

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    9 12 2008
    Tino (12:13:17) :

    If he has a family, he probably didn’t want to bring unwarranted attention to them. They guy who got him fired loves gay porn. He obviously was a fan to watch so long that he noticed the guy out of the thousands of gay porn guys. This guy isn’t even a porn star and was recognized. People kill me with their guilt by association. Getting that guy fired is not going to curve is love for gay porn or his fantasy to be plowed like the feisty lil bottom slut he wants to be.

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    20 10 2009
    pojo (19:21:47) :

    missouri is a right-to-fire state therefor you can be fired by your employer without legal recourse under any circumstance…

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