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Military Classified: Cypress

16 07 2008

One more MC video. “Cypress” – Try to ignore 70% of what comes out of his mouth :-)

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    23 responses to “Military Classified: Cypress”

    17 07 2008
    Anonymous (04:24:04) :

    I think that the lady doth protest too much…

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    17 07 2008
    Anonymous (12:18:49) :

    Why ignore what he’s saying, he’s a horny fuck who lets dudes suck his dick, theres nothing better, i’d rather hear that than some queen talking about “suck my cock”.

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    17 07 2008
    Franco (22:00:38) :

    he does go on quite a little bit about it – how did he end up in a gay video shoot letting another guy ‘touch him’ on the most important part of his body – his dick ?

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    17 07 2008
    Franco (22:19:34) :

    and he shaves his pubes….
    but what a hot clip!
    what a nice big fat US Marine dick – lucky bastard that Rob of M.C. !

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    18 07 2008
    Randy (05:24:16) :

    Wow…I think watching that video actually made me dumber. Really. Brain cells were committing suicide before he even took his clothes off.

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    18 07 2008
    Anonymous (16:58:56) :

    I think he makes too many freudian slips to not have thought about guys…

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    18 07 2008
    Anonymous (17:01:26) :

    “I don’t like gir…I don’t like guys touching me..”

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    18 07 2008
    Anonymous (18:23:03) :

    Looks like hell be comin back 4 more

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    18 07 2008
    al (21:57:16) :

    LOL – yes, good point. “I dont like gir…(oops) guys… AND “suck your my dick”…

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    19 07 2008
    mark (09:02:45) :

    what a great prick connected to a total prick!

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    19 07 2008
    Dre (13:12:32) :

    He’s dumb…but the cock sucker is hot!

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    9 08 2008
    josh (03:43:29) :

    hot cock love the bald head, wish it would show the cumshot. mabey next time

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    30 01 2009
    Anonymous (20:01:53) :

    if he doesnt like gir… guys touching him, then why was he almost completely hard when rob ripped his pants off. Hes lucky he has a nice cock, b/c hes ugly as shit

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    3 04 2009
    alex (11:49:38) :

    he talks to much but what a nice cock

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    19 06 2009
    Anonymous (14:42:49) :

    this guy looks like he is a closete gay trying to make him sound str8 but despite the speech earlier he didn’t complain afterwards

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    6 01 2010
    25 03 2010
    butchlvr (03:49:14) :

    Yep, dumb as a two-by-four and has trailer trash stamped all over him and a skinny little runt at that…but despite that, he has a certain ‘something’ about him. Kinda cute, in an obnoxious sort of way. And, yeah, he’s trying waaaay too hard to show how str8 he is, only he’s not. (str8…bi, maybe, closeted homo probably).

    he sure likes having those low-hanger balls of his worked on and watching his reaction to that was a turn-on! Watching his orgasm start, build and hit was pretty cool, actually, but yeah — i’d have like to have seen him cream Rob’s face or something. Didn’t appear he shot a big load but it was clearly an intense one and a joy to watch. But then, I love watching guys cum anyway…not just the shooting the load part (as great as that is!), but the whole body reaction/facial expression/vocalizing aspect of it too. Just great!

    Wonder what sort of fuck he’d be? As a bottom, I mean. Hmmmmm….there’s something about him that gives off an aura of having maybe been ‘had’ as a kid something, which could go some way to explaining his opinions.

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    13 04 2010
    angello61 (01:37:31) :

    Me gustaría ver más videos de este tipo militar, ya todos los he visto, en verdad me ponen cachondo, me encanta ver chupar vergas. Gracias muñeco.

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    5 07 2010
    dan (14:32:44) :

    I love it when Rob swallows cum.

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    7 10 2011
    Anonymous (14:24:49) :

    stick a finger up his ass and he will coo like a school girl

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    25 08 2012
    Jake (13:13:09) :

    great vid. the chatter just adds to it. wish Rob had him show off his ass because “chicks like that.” I’d like to see that nutsack hanging between his legs while he shows off his ass. obviously, i’m jacking off while typing this. ;-)

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    AL - The Banana Blog Blogger Reply:

    Lol…obviously. ;)

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    28 01 2013
    casting actors (09:29:24) :

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    the same niche. Your blog provided us useful information
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